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Fish Oil Due Back Very Soon

18th May 2016


Fresh First ...

Fish is vital in the diet. First and foremost, we recommend that fresh is best.  For some people this is difficult or undesirable so supplemental form becomes important.

There are so many fish oils on the market, but the quality varies tremendously.

Unfortunately we have been out of stock for many months because we just couldn's source a Fish Oil of the quality we wanted. With good omega oil content, and without sythnetic additives and fillers.


Back Soon...

Finally this has now been resolved, and our new Fish Oil will be in stock at the end of May 2016 - what a relief.

Once again we extend our apologies for customers who have waited so patiently for us to resolve this issue.

We do also stock Fermented Cod Liver Oil - this does provide some very useful amounts of omega oils. But we primarily stock this for the Vitamin A and D content in a totally natural form.


Vegetarians and Vegans

For those who do not wish to eat fish OR use supplement form, then Hemp Oil is your next best option. This provides the most balanced form of omega oils in plant based form.

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