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Sense and Save 20% During Salt Awareness Week 2015

12th March 2015


Salt Sense

We love Salt Awareness week (this year it's 16th - 22nd March).

It's time to get a bit controversial - just like the low fat issue, there's so much nonsense on salt, whereas we like to talk salt sense.

So for articles on the issue, see NEW: Salt Awareness Week 2015

And an older piece - Making Sense on Salt and Salt Awareness Week



From today and throughout Salt Awareness Week, you can save 20% on all of the delicious and healthy Celtic Salts; here are the links

The Coarse Celtic Salt offers the best value and is so versatile

For a delicate finishing salt for garnishing, see the Fleur de Sel Celtic Salt.

If you require a Celtic Salt that you can grind, see the Dried Celtic Salt.

For the table (and makes a lovely gift) there's one with Herbs

And for a solution for when out and about, see the Salt Pocket Box

If you are unsure which of the salts may suit you best, here's a page to help you choose, and lots of ideas on the many uses for Celtic Salt!

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