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Herbal Directive - Sell Through Period Ending

9th October 2013

The MHRA is now considering feedback following a consultation regarding the sell through of herbs under the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive.

Under this Directive, which after 7 years in transition (a political technique often used for EU legislation), on the 1st May 2011, it came into official force.  There was an allowed "sell through" period of stock manufactured before this date.  It is proposed that this period be finished on the 31st December 2013.

We had a total of 10 herbs affected.  They were the absolute best on the marketplace being 100% additive free, and of course totally natural, and in a whole herb form.   We sold out of this stock quickly as it was in such demand, and the best in the UK.

Since that time, many products have remained on the market long after our additive free range was depleted. 

It is difficult for us when customers come to us asking why a) these herbs can no longer be purchased from us, b) who do we recommend as an alternative, and c) why is company *** still selling these herbs when you are not.

Some companies were able to make a larger investment in stock.  Some companies had longer shelf lives because the array of additives used mean they can be stored for longer.  And from what we can see, many companies appear to be completely disregarding the legislation and are in fact manufacturing new stock which contravenese the intention of the sell through period.  We have even seen some retailers in effect relaunching products with new labelling and the like!

We do not, and cannot recommend any companies who have gone down the licensing route under the herbal directive.  This legislation damaged our business, and that of many wonderful, and reputable traditional British firms, and continues to do so.  By and large, the only companies to benefit are "supplement" companies owned by very large German and Swiss pharmaceutical companies.  On a broader scale, this legislation has damaged the health of the nation, and the economy,

So whilst we do feel that it is a great shame that a further swathe of products are soon to be removed from the marketplace and thus the health of the nation is once again compromised.  At least we as a company no longer can be subject to the confusion caused by being legitimate within the legisilative framework when others are not.

It remains to be seen what happens next.  But we, and others in the industry remain hopeful that the Alliance for Natural Health will be successful in their legal challenge to this directive.

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