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Cod Liver Oil Liquid - Update and Cinnamon!

14th May 2013

The plain liquid Fermented Cod Liver Oil remains out of stock until next week.  We are still expecting this to be with us early June.

We have a handful of Cinnamon Flavoured liquid Cod Liver Oil available, we believe this to be the only liquid in Europe until next week.

If you wish to order this, please order the liquid Cod Liver Oil as normal, then email / phone or help desk us to request the cinnamon version.

Green Pastures have extended their sincere apologies to all customers around the World, but this is a natural one of a kind product that takes time to ferment, and has taken longer than expected.  We understand the combination of a massive surge in worldwide demand combined with very unusual cold weather conditions has caused this unorthodox delay in Spring 2013.

Once upon a time Cod Liver Oil was one of our most traditional and healthy supplements, that was until big business and pharmaceutical owned supplement companies took over!  These days ALL Cod Liver Oil in the World is molecularly distilled. It has to have synthetic vitamins A and D added back because the natural balance is destroyed during the intense industrial processing.

There is one exception, this Fermented Cod Liver Oil, it's the best in the World, and a pillar of good nutrition.

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