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Synthetic Vitamin C Causing Kidney Stones

7th February 2013

Doing the rounds today is a piece on "vitamin c" causing kidney stones.  Now, studies of this kind often set out to discredit supplements, and often show bias so we always take them with a pinch of salt (real Celtic Salt of course not toxic table salt!). BUT the study looks reasonably credible, and shows a higher incidence of kidney stones in men taking vitamin C regularly.

The study is in fact talking about Ascorbic Acid - synthetic vitamin C, well it's not really even vitamin C, it's just a man made copy. Laboratories can't actually make vitamins, they've never been able to, never will. What they do is create chemical fractions and copies of nature.

In nature, vitamin c is in a complex food state form, nutrients include bioflavonoids, rutin, and a tiny bit of ascorbic acid.  This is the complete and natural vitamin C, it's gentle yet effective, and very easy to absorb.

In contrast, when you take ascorbic acid, the body seeks the markers that should be there and can't find them causing imbalance.  And that's why large doses can cause bloating and diarrhoea.   Much is simply excreted, and in fact, this process which causes too much oxalate in urine may in fact be responsible for the higher number of kidney stones.


Thankfully There's a Natural Alternative...

So there you have it, just another reason why our wonderful Acerola Cherry and Rosehips supplement is so much better than the synthetic alternatives.

And if kidney stones have been a problem for you, but you have a need for Vitamin C, you should definitely switch to natural as a priority.


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Reference JAMA Internal Medicine, online February 4, 2013


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