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Papaya - Currently Unavailable

15th January 2013

Very unexpectedly, our Australian supplier has informed us they are no longer supplying the Papaya condiment.

We are urgently investigating other avenues regarding this.  Being a natural digestive enzyme, the Papaya was an important product on our range.

Digestive enzymes are very important for some people, but some of them cannot be made 100% naturally, hence we do not supply a Digestive Enzyme in the same form as you may see with other companies.  It is one of those examples where something cannot necessarily be resolved naturally.

We are hopeful to have a replacement available soon, this might be as another type of Papaya, or possibly as a pineapple supplement, or perhaps even a combination!  You can of course add these to your diet in small amounts to help things, although this would not be practical nor cost effective in the long term of course. Kiwis are also useful when it comes to this issue.

Worth looking at is the Barley Grass Juice Powder.  This is a wonderful supplement, and does in fact have very good levels of enzymes naturally present including the plant form digestive enzymes. So for some, this may fill a gap as well as providing lots of incredibly valuable nutrition - it is one of our flagship supplements that provides everything your body needs in a natural form.    Because it is harvested and dried very carefully, all the enzymes remain intact, even Superoxide dismutase, a very rare enzyme that fights free radicals and is found in Barley grass. 

Ginger also has some digestive enzymes present and some people do find this very helpful for digestive function.

Additionally we have the plant enzyme Serrapeptase.  This is a proteolytic enzyme so is not directly applicable if it is simply the digestive aspect you are looking at, nonetheless, it can be useful.  You will find some further information on this here.

We will endeavour to fill this gap more effectively on our range as soon as we can however.

As ever, any questions, please do ask.

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