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Olive Leaf - Improved Specification

18th January 2017

Olive Leaf is amazing for your immune system.

And now with even more Wild Rosehips, there is more vitamin C, so it is even better again!

Previously there was a small amount of Colloidal Minerals alongside the rosehips, but now it just the Olive Leaf and Rosehips.

We are so proud to have pioneered 100% natural and additive free ten years ago, and that's why there is nothing else at all in our pure Olive Leaf so you get the very best results. Whilst it is a little sticky to get through the machinery so needs something to help things along, why use talcum powder when you have a naturally healthy rosehips as the carrier!

If you want more Vitamin C, you can also add the Acerola and Wild Rosehips separately.


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