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The All New Seventh Wave is Now Online!

19th April 2012

UPDATE: comments about the new site added at the bottom!


The story of the new site..

We had a concept, a crazy concept that we wanted people to actually FEEL better when online at our shop. We had some ideas about a theme based on our name, and a few concepts involving amongst others, a beach (health) hut!

We wanted to bring real innovation to an industry that looks very generic in the so called "Web 2" environment. Being a unique UK company - "additive free, naturally!", we wanted a suitably unique website.

We also wanted to put customer service at the very heart of the website. The live help desk is one of the most exciting new features, so you can chat with the team without having to pick up the phone or wait for email, perfect for those quick questions. (And we have more to come on this side of things!)


How we made it happen...

We wanted to be better, to do more for our company and customers design wise, and so the search began. Taking centre stage is our amazing agency - n9design based on the historic Barbican in Plymouth. Introduced through a personal friend, we were happy to place our trust in n9 having reviewed the quality of their work and client base. We worked remotely with n9 to due to our location, so with just two meetings in person, they took our ideas and really ran with them.

We certainly didn't quite know what to expect style wise or where our ideas would lead. But we are absolutely thrilled with the results! From the very first mock ups, we just loved the sense of warmth and energy and personality that the team very cleverly translated into design.

n9 have handled our vast technical requirements with great ability and always with a smile no matter how demanding we were. This meant sometimes we had to be patient - but bespoke design takes time and effort. If you need a design and communication agency, we can highly recommend them.


The thank yous...

So it's a big thank you to Nick, Gareth, Tim, Fiona and Pete and Arron. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such a brilliant and dedicated team, and we look forward to many years of inspired collaboration.

We must also thank everyone who helped us get here, especially our friends, family and... of course, our customers.

Now in year 5, we have had some unbelievable challenges to get our beloved brand to where it is today. We have faced head on the difficulties of working on a small start up investment, within a cut throat industry with its multi-million pound marketing budgets; pharmaceutical owned "supplement" companies muddying the waters of health and nutrition; some very questionable industry ethics; a global recession and perhaps worst of all, the EU stripping away some of the best quality products the UK has to offer, and inhibiting our growth with unjustifiable "Eurotape".

But here we are, we love what we do, and are very proud of a vibrant and independant UK business that continues to grow. We think the new site reflects this, and we hope to give the supplements industry a little wave and shake with our natural and additive free waveolution!

We hope you love the new website as much as we do.

Please do look around and let us know your feedback.

And you will find the clever creative people here -


A selection of customer comments..

We have lost track of how many people simply say "I love the new website". So far, we have had one gentleman that absolutely hates it, honestly, we thought there might be more "marmite moments" because nothing like this has ever been seen in the supplements industry.

So, we want to thank all of our customers for their wonderful support, it means the world to us, and here is a selection of our favourite comments received by email. Please do let us know what you think!

From the phone team - Mrs Walker said her first impression was how happy it made her feel, its very pretty, colourful and lovely. She also said that most other sites were now dull in comparison as was much of the TV adverstising nowadays. Mrs Walker is nearly 80 years of age and found the web site easy to use. And wanted these comments passed on to whomever needed to hear them.

"I love the new website"

"It looks, well...healthy!"

"It's very easy to see what I need to order and very user friendly and pleasing to the eye"

"I really like your new site, so much better than the old one, WELL DONE"

"Wow, you guys have changed, it's all very funky, and really looks nice"

"That is cutting edge isn't it really? I really like it"

"Great job and Definitely FUN!"

"Like it. Congratulations"

"The new website looks really great. The styling is excellent and it’s easy to navigate around. I hope it helps boost business!"

"Nice site! Definitely different to your competition - funky - fresh - youthful - like it"

"My initial impression of your new website was fantastic. After a weekend of going through it my impression is still the same so open some expensive champagne and take the rest of the day off. You deserve it. I did use your search box to establish the whereabouts of Lord Lucan who has been missing since 1974, but no luck there. One day…"

"I just loved the new website. So colourful and cheery and easy to use. You must be very proud and I wish you all the success in the world with it. I am forwarding it to all my like minded friends and telling them to ditch the people they used to buy from"

"I had a look at your new website and it looks fab!"

"LOVE the new website, it looks great! I have changed the logo and link on our support base page so clicks will be directed to the new site"

"I have just been looking through the new site. Looks very good and user-friendly. Hats off to the developers!" (Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant)

"Love the new look website, it's really fresh and vibrant!!"

"Congratulations on your new website"

"The amazingly superb and brand new Seventh Wave website is now up and runnning"

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