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News Archive

Last 10 days to order directly with us

21st January 2020

On January 31st 2020 we will be accepting orders directly from our website for the last time. Please see here for more information. Thank you for all your custom and support. read more

Buy 3 Olive Leaf Save 10% in November

4th November 2019

Add 3 olive Leaf to your basket throughout November 2019 to save 10% at checkout. read more

Christmas Despatch 2018

18th December 2018

THANK YOU for all your custom and support in 2018, we look forward to seeing you in 2019 Orders placed between the 22nd and 27th December will be despatched on December 28th, our despatch office retu… read more

Mastic Gum Back in stock

30th October 2018

After a long wait for Mother nature we are delighted to announce that the Mastic Gum is now back in stock read more

Turmeric is back!

30th October 2018

The wonderful Turmeric is back by popular demand! Please see the website for full information here. read more

Acerola for Autumn

29th August 2018

We are pleased to confirm we have the wonderful Acerola back on the range. Packed full of food state vitamin C, a favourite with many of our customers. Click here for full details   read more

Changes to the Seventh Wave Brand

29th August 2018

Click here for full details   read more

Stress Awareness Month - You are Not Alone

23rd April 2018

We've been running an array of articles, and thoughts on social media this month to help those who need help during stress awareness month. And with 80% of people being affected by stress, and 80-% o… read more

FREE Matcha Tea Worth £12.95

7th March 2018

Magic Matcha offer save £12.95! Valid until 27th August Make an order over £77 and enter code FREEMATCHA And we'll add a FREE sachet of the amazing Matcha with 130 times the antioxidants of norma… read more

Valentines Day Heart Healthy Offer

13th February 2018

For one day only, save 11% on these wonderful supplements that are so good for the heart... naturally! Like our entire range, they are all totally additive free for the best results.  However you s… read more

Aussie Flu - Help and Advice

6th January 2018

The media are calling it a pandemic, and certainly cases are widespread. But try to not to panic and worry. Here is some natural help and support to prevent catching a virus in the first place, and … read more

Christmas 2017 Despatch days and Times

20th December 2017

We would like to wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.    We despatch as normal until Fri 22nd December, order before 4pm for same day despatch There will then be a despatch o… read more

17-11-17 - SAVE on the all NEW Seventh Wave!

17th November 2017

The all new Seventh Wave is HERE! Celebrating 10 years of looking after our customers, naturally! SHOP HERE The UK's 100% natural and additive free brand is of a quality second to none, with suppor… read more

10 years of Additive Free - Waves of Change coming

24th October 2017

It is amazing to look back over 10 years in the health industry.   We have come so far, faced so many challenges. But remain so proud and passionate about delivering incredible quality health produ… read more

New - The Snoozle - to Help You Sleep at night

10th October 2017

Dou you often wake in the night and struggle to turn? It is one of those awful things that unless you have experienced, it is hard to relate. But a peaceful night's sleep is a fundamental need in li… read more

Our Tenth Birthday today - 17-7-17

17th July 2017

What an amazing moment, we made it all the way to ten years.  We can still remember this very morning a decade ago, we had tried to go live on the 7th, but events conspired. Right up until almost 6 o… read more

The top ten over the past ten years

12th July 2017

Our tenth birthday is on the 7th Jyly 2017. It's amazing to reflect on ten years of additive free naturally! What a decade it has been making waves in health. We thought we would take a look at the… read more

Bank Holiday Berries Bonanza

28th May 2017

From Sunday evening, the 28th May until Midnight Monday 29th May 2017... You will collect QUADRUPLE WAVEBERRIES on all orders to celebrate the UK Bank Holiday. They will credit automatically, just s… read more

Rebounders are now back in stock

17th May 2017

It has been a long wait, but we are so glad to confirm you can now order the rebounders again. There are other rebounders on the market, but we would not have considered any of these, as the PT Bounc… read more

World Fibromyalgia Day

12th May 2017

12th May is about Fibromyalgia, so let's take a look at this very challenging condition. Anything we can help you with please do le… read more

Easter treats, triple Waveberries, healthy hot cross buns...

13th April 2017

We hope you are well and looking forward to Easter We thought we'd better give you some healthy treats; something for everyone here...  Do follow us on Facebook for more like this! … read more

Rebounders Back in Stock Mid May

7th April 2017

After long delays while the manufacturers made more, we are pleased to confirm that the Rebounders will be back in stock in the Middle of May 2017 This is an amazing form of exercise, and we recommen… read more

P&P on small orders from 10th April

6th April 2017

From Monday 10th April a small P&P amount will apply of £1.75 for orders under £35. Orders over this will remain totally FREE. Delivery remains fast, same day and first class We hope you un… read more

Salt Awareness Week 2017 - Save 20% and more

19th March 2017

It's that time of year again! For this year's main resource to all the Celtic Salt links, Click Here! And here's all the Celtic Salts we supply - enter SALT2017 save 20% read more

Zell Oxygen - NEW - Boxes of 15 with Huge Saving

3rd March 2017

We absolutely love the Zell Oxygen. Such a unique and effective supplement. We feel it is the best natural B Complex in the world.  And B Vitamins can be so helpful in life for energy levels and sta… read more

Price Increase 1st March 2017

17th February 2017

The pound is currently weak against all currencies, and this has had major impact on the cost of raw materials. So we must implement some price increases. In our ten years of helping customers feel b… read more

Fantastic February Fish Oil Saving

31st January 2017

With our current stocks of Fish Oil, we had to make a big investment in stock to make sure we could secure the right quality level. This has actually left us a little bit overstocked for 2017, but th… read more

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Back in Stock

27th January 2017

We love this supplement, especially at this time of year when it is so hard to keep vitamin D levels up. This is a key reason why colds, flu and various viruses find it so much easier to take hold. … read more

Olive Leaf - Improved Specification

18th January 2017

Olive Leaf is amazing for your immune system. And now with even more Wild Rosehips, there is more vitamin C, so it is even better again! Previously there was a small amount of Colloidal Minerals alo… read more

Christmas Times and Wishes 2016

19th December 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the website - we've added some seasonal snow for you to enjoy!! We hope you are enjoying the Christmas countdown and managing to look after yourself… read more

More Vitamin D in organic, free range eggs

13th December 2016

We strongly recommend organic and free range wherever possible. Especially for meat and dairy. There have always been considerable restrictions on what we can say about the nutritional benefits of … read more

NEW 5kg super salt value Celtic Salt

16th November 2016

The vast majority of the cost of the lovely Celtic Salt is postage - both bringing from France to the UK, then to your door So we are so pleased to have the new 5kg bags as can offer these with a hug… read more

Barley Grass Juice Powder Back in Stock

17th October 2016

Due to a failed harvest earlier this year, the beautiful Barley Grass Juice Powder has been out of stock for many months. It's been frustrating for everyone, all of the staff love this supplement, an… read more

New Government Advice on Vitamin D

21st July 2016

It's warm and sunny here in the UK, a funny time for Vitamin D to be in the news really! But it is a very important subject, so one we thought we should cover as it being discussed extensively in the … read more

9th Birthday SAVE 9% Today 17-7-16

17th July 2016

We are so proud to have reached our 9th birthday 9 years of making waves for health and delivering 100% natural and additive free, a concept we pioneered. It is thanks to our wonderful customers th… read more

Reminder: Delays 4th- 6th July

2nd July 2016

PLEASE NOTE: we are moving premises in the week commencing Mon 4th July. We will do our best to minimise disruption, but there may be some short delays with orders arriving for the first couple of day… read more

Fish Oil is Finally Back

29th June 2016

It has been a long wait, but we now have a super quality Fish Oil back in stock. Over recent months, we looked at several products that just weren't of a quality we were happy with, OR could not meet… read more

We're Moving! Even Better Service Ahead

29th June 2016

We are so excited to be moving the company into bigger, better premises in the week commencing Mon 6th July. We were struggling to hold enough stock and manage orders efficiently so this is a vital c… read more

Glucosamine under threat from Pharma companies

27th June 2016

It is shocking, but not surprising to see two pharma giants trying to ensure only they can sell certain types of glucosamine. Whatever happened to free trade? Our Glucosamine and Chondrotin WILL be s… read more

Awesome Avocados!

15th June 2016

Summer is here, so it's salad time, lovely! Avocados are so incredbuly good for you and just lovely in salads Find out more... read more

Save £5 this Bank Holiday Weekend

28th May 2016

Use code MAYSAVER5 and save £5 on orders over £50 until midnight Monday 30th May. ***Not valid with multibuys or on saver packs Wishing you a very happy and healthy Bank Holiday weekend!  … read more

Love Your Lentils

19th May 2016

Another new article in in our real food series Love Your Lentils Real food - real benefits. And they are great on a budget too. read more

Fish Oil Due Back Very Soon

18th May 2016

  Fresh First ... Fish is vital in the diet. First and foremost, we recommend that fresh is best.  For some people this is difficult or undesirable so supplemental form becomes important. There a… read more

Synthetic Sweetener Articles

4th February 2016

Following the excellent coverage on Trust me I'm a Doctor, we have covered this VERY important issue Here are the links... Ditch the Diet Drinks Avoid Aspartame at all Costs Saccharin - Synthetic … read more

Christmas Wishes and Times

15th December 2015

We hope you are all well, and managing to stay healthy and happy in this wonderful but very busy time. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the website - we've added some seasonal snow for … read more

Best Nutritional Oil for Roast Potatoes

7th December 2015

The roasties are a Christmas essential.  The oil they are cooked in is vital both for that perfect taste, but also because of the nutrition. Here's our article exploring the best oils for your roas… read more

Price increase on the 21st Sept

17th September 2015

Over the years, we've absorbed many raw material prices increases and the VAT increase of 2011. All prices have remained unchanged since January 2014. But on Sept 21st 2015, we have to increase on a… read more

May Day Not New Years Day for Slimming!

12th May 2015

The New Year Band wagon sees the slimming industry begin the billion pound onslaught for the year.  But as some of you may remember us discussing back in January, we do not endorse the New Year as th… read more

Easter Egg Nutrition + a Little Gift for You

1st April 2015

The clocks have changed, spring is in the air, and it's a very early Easter this year. So we take a quick look at the nutrition of eggs both chicken and chocolate! AND hunt carefully amongst the egg… read more

Sense and Save 20% During Salt Awareness Week 2015

12th March 2015

  Salt Sense We love Salt Awareness week (this year it's 16th - 22nd March). It's time to get a bit controversial - just like the low fat issue, there's so much nonsense on salt, whereas we like t… read more

Feel Fantastic February - Fats Article and Fish Oil Offer

24th February 2015

The nights are drawing out, clock change just round the corner, so it's feel fantastic February!   Fabulous Healthy Fats Article Here's our article looking at how to Feel Fantastic with the Right … read more

New Article: Getting Rid of Colds Naturally

6th February 2015

We hope you are keeping well in this very cold spell. This winter, the level of colds, flu and viruses has been higher than normal. So here's a collection of things you can do - How to get rid of co… read more

Christmas Wishes and Times

9th December 2014

We hope you are all well, and managing to stay healthy and happy in this wonderful but very busy time. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the website - we've added some seasonal snow for … read more

New Article: How To Hibernate Healthily

19th November 2014

Has your appetite increased in the past couple of weeks? Don't worry, this is perfectly natural, and you are definitely not alone! There are age old biological issues at play here.  So if you are fi… read more

New Article: Turmeric and the Mind

27th October 2014

Turmeric is a fantastic herb with so many benefits. You may have seen it in the news recently in relation to certain neurological illnesses. Whilst we cannot make medicinal claims for any food supple… read more

The Health Benefits of a Neck Scarf

27th October 2014

There's no escaping it, the nights are drawing in, and the temperature dropping. But it's a beautiful time of year, full of warm fires and homemade soups. Here's a look at the health benefits of a n… read more

Stop or Give Up? And Stoptober Nutrition

9th October 2014

It's that month when so many people are making the fantastic decision to change their lives. So here's a look at some of the issues, including how to support yourself nutritionally at this time. We … read more

Rapeseed - is it as Healthy as They Say?

30th September 2014

Continuing our Autumn "Back to Health" series. Next up is an article on rapeseed oil.  It's in the news at the moment with some farmers saying their crops are failing because of the ban on Neonicoti… read more

New Article - Autumn Immunity

25th September 2014

Hasn't it been a fantastic summer!  One of the best we can all remember in years.  It's good for body and soul, and we've all had a good top up of that vital Vitamin D. We are now officially in Au… read more

Back to Health - September Saver!

10th September 2014

We really hope you've had a wonderful summer. The summer salads are glorious, but kids being home, BBQs and the like can mean a loss of nutritional focus. So as the children go back to school, let… read more

Save £7 TODAY ONLY - Because it's our 7th Birthday!

17th July 2014

17-7-14 ... because it's our 7th birthday you can save £7 when you spend £50!! Another year of helping people feel better... naturally. Thank you as always to our wonderful customers who make o… read more

Walk your Way to Health

15th May 2014

Did you know that May is National Walking Month? What better time to look at this simple way to improve your health! New article online here...… read more

Mineralising Your May Day Salt Saver!

2nd May 2014

read more

Pre Easter Treat, Save 14% on 14-4-14

14th April 2014

It's a pop up promo as a special treat for you. We hope you have a wonderful, healthy happy Easter! read more

Matcha is Back! Save £2

6th March 2014

Our regulars will remember we used to sell Matcha Green Tea, and now we have an even better one! It’s a Green Tea, but not like any other you’ve tasted. It has 137 times the antioxidant power, t… read more

It's All New, We Hope You Love it Too!

7th February 2014

So here we are, 7-2-14, and the new Seventh Wave website and labelling is now officially live. We are so excited, we hope you love it as much as we do! To celebrate, you can use the code FEB14 and sa… read more

New Look & Labels - Get Ready!

14th January 2014

So here we are in 2014! And as we like to do at every opportunity in the New Year, we would like to wish you a very healthy and happy year ahead. For some time now, since late 2011 we have been work… read more

Raw Gaia - Price Increase

14th January 2014

When it comes to natural skin care, we think the Raw Gaia range is the best on the market, that's why we sell it! Raw, organic, cold pressed across their whole range, there is nothing quite like it o… read more

Celtic Salt Saver is Staying!

13th January 2014

At Christmas time we ran a "Seasonal Salt Saver" giving away a free Celtic Salt Grinder. Because these incredible healthy salts are a foundation for good nutrition, and some of the most popular suppl… read more

Final Christmas Cracker - Save 10% on Raw Gaia

17th December 2013

We have tried to make a range of really special savings available for our customers this Christmas. Here's the final one, running from the 17th to 22nd December only use code RG13 and save 10% on the… read more

Which Oil for Your Roast Potatoes

16th December 2013

So here we are, the final week leading up to Christmas, and we all start planning our special meal! The roasties are a Christmas essential.  The oil they are cooked in is vital both for that perfect… read more

Christmas Times and Wishes!

12th December 2013

We hope you are well enjoying this busy and wonderful time. Until the 20th December, our hours are as per normal 9.30-5.30 with despatch every day. Our Christmas holiday week despatch days are as fo… read more

Chlorella Christmas Cracker!

9th December 2013

Chlorella is our customer's most favourite supplement, so for this week, you can buy two and save 20%. It's the perfect supplement giving you everything your body needs in a totally natural form. … read more

FREE Celtic Salt Grinder!

2nd December 2013

1 x Celtic Salt, 1 x  Dried Celtic Salt  1x Fleur de Sel Celtic Salt With a FREE Grinder! You save £9.95, a little Christmas gift from us! Our Seasonal Salt Saver is HERE These healthy salts a… read more

Buy Two Acerola Get One FREE!

22nd November 2013

  It's a very special Autumn Saver!   ***Buy Two Acerola Cherry Get one FREE!***   Add three to your basket, then use code ACE3, or call the team who will be happy to help. Food State … read more

The Supergreen is Back in Stock

20th November 2013

We are so pleased to confirm that the wonderful Supergreen Probiotic is now back in stock. A big thank you to all of our customers for your patience during the extended delay. All back orders are pa… read more

Save 15% on Halloween!

31st October 2013

For one day only, you can save 15% All orders, any size, skin care and equipment also included. Just use the code 311013 - enter at the checkout, or quote by telephone. read more

NEW 7 Ways To ....

20th October 2013

We are committed to helping you improve your health ... naturally! Here's a few of our new "7 Ways To" features. Do like us on Facebook to keep up to date with these and take control of your health … read more

World Mental Health Day - Resources

10th October 2013

1 in 4 of us with deal with some sort of mental health issue at some time in our lives. Yet these remain health concerns with a lot of stigma, and misunderstanding surrounding them.  World Mental He… read more

Herbal Directive - Sell Through Period Ending

9th October 2013

The MHRA is now considering feedback following a consultation regarding the sell through of herbs under the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive. Under this Directive, which after 7 yea… read more

Supergreen Probiotic - Delays and Price Increase

30th September 2013

Unfortunately one of our most favourite supplements will be out of stock for all of October. Our information at this time is that the the second week of November is the latest stock will arrive.  … read more

Cinnamon - Brand New!

4th September 2013

We are delighted to announce we now have Cinnamon in stock! Of course like our entire range, it's 100% natural and additive free. Use code CINN10 and you save 10% until Mon 9th September. There … read more

Ginseng Price Increase

3rd September 2013

There will an increase in our Red Panax Ginseng price on the 9th September. Because the raw material cost has increased by 47%, the price will rise from £12.95 to £14.95. You can buy now at the … read more

Natural Tooth Care - New Article

30th August 2013

The array of oral care products these days is staggering.  For us, its natural all the way in terms of the ones we use. The ordinary products can contain some most unpleasant ingredients.   Of co… read more

Low Fat is Fattening - New Article

1st August 2013

On our Facebook page we offer free "Mini Health Waves" Inspired by a recent discussion about why "Low Fat" causes carbohydrate cravings, we thought we had better address the issue of low fat specific… read more

Handling the Heat... Naturally! New Article

22nd July 2013

A new article packed with handy hints to keep you safe and comfortable during this incredibly hot weather. Click here to read the article We look at the following issues; Hydration Signs of hea… read more

17-7-13 - It's Our 6th Birthday!!

16th July 2013

We can hardly believe it is 6 years, what a wonderful journey! So to celebrate, you can save £6 for one day only on the 17-7-13. Simply spend over £50, use code 170713 and you save £6! As always… read more

Fish Oil & Prostate Cancer: Facts or Fiction?

11th July 2013

The news today is full of headlines about fish, fish oil supplements, and an increased risk of prostate cancer. We'd like to look at some of the issues. Firstly this study contradicts many other stud… read more

Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Update

17th June 2013

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that our first stock replenishment of Cod Liver Oil liquid has arrived! A massive thank you to all of our wonderful customers who have been so patient.  The w… read more

Cod Liver Oil Liquid - Update and Cinnamon!

14th May 2013

The plain liquid Fermented Cod Liver Oil remains out of stock until next week.  We are still expecting this to be with us early June. We have a handful of Cinnamon Flavoured liquid Cod Liver Oil a… read more

New In - Celtic Salt Grinder

13th May 2013

Some customers are initially surprised that we sell salt!  But we are very proud to supply the very healthy Celtic Salt.  It's packed with minerals and trace elements, and is a foundation for real h… read more

New Article - Non-Enteric Coated v Coated Serrapeptase

29th April 2013

Serrapeptase is one of our most popular and effective supplements. Being an enzyme, some other companies supply this supplement with an "enteric coating".  This subject can cause confusion, and is s… read more

We've Added a Jiggle...!

11th April 2013

Sometimes it's strange that companies have a "live chat" feature but there is never anybody there - not exactly helpful! We like to do the opposite, and make our customer service the very best! So no… read more

Salt Awareness Week 2013 - Save 20% on Celtic Salt

12th March 2013

It's Salt Awareness Week 2013. Whilst some are calling for "Less Salt Please". Those in the know demand "Real Salt Please" Life literally depends on Salt, without it, life cannot exist. So where di… read more

Evening Primrose Oil Back in Stock

12th March 2013

We are relieved and pleased to confirm that we now have Evening Primrose Oil back in stock. There is a worldwide shortage of this, we believe due to poor weather conditions. Some companies carry old… read more

Have a Happy Heart Week - Save 20%

11th February 2013

From the 11th - 17th February, you can save 20% on the following supplements. CoQ10 Fish Oil Garlic Hawthorn Berry Simply enter the code 140213 at the checkout, or quote by phone, and your saving… read more

Synthetic Vitamin C Causing Kidney Stones

7th February 2013

Doing the rounds today is a piece on "vitamin c" causing kidney stones.  Now, studies of this kind often set out to discredit supplements, and often show bias so we always take them with a pinch of s… read more

High Vitamin Butter Oil Now In Stock

24th January 2013

We love butter, it's a slimming, healthy, superfood. Anyone who tells you any different is either lacking some nutritional know-how or has a vested interest in you thinking otherwise. But whatever … read more

Blotting Brushes Now in 5s

22nd January 2013

We previously supplied the Phillips Technique Blotting Brushes in groups of 10 brushes. We have changed this to 5 brushes which we hope is more accessible for customers.               … read more

Papaya - Currently Unavailable

15th January 2013

Very unexpectedly, our Australian supplier has informed us they are no longer supplying the Papaya condiment. We are urgently investigating other avenues regarding this.  Being a natural digestive e… read more

Small Price Increase on Mon 21st January

14th January 2013

We always put our customer's needs first, and despite rising costs, there have been no price increases since February 2011. However, in light of economic demands, we do need to make some small change… read more

New Year Wishes and Looking Ahead

3rd January 2013

Well, here we are in 2013, and we would like to wish you and your family a very healthy, happy and peaceful year ahead. If there is anything we can help you with this year, please do let us know? We… read more

Christmas Despatch, Times and Wishes!

19th December 2012

We hope you are well enjoying this busy and wonderful time. Our Christmas despatch times are as follows; Friday 21st December Thursday 27thDecember Friday 28th December Wednesday 2nd January … read more

For One Day Only - 12-12-12 - Save 12%

11th December 2012

We like the number 7 as a rule! But we do think that the date 12-12-12 is really quite special - so a special Christmas discount seemed in order! So for one day only, on Wednesday 12th December, use … read more

Zell Oxygen - New Packaging

10th December 2012

A new consignment of Zell Oxygen has arrived from the Dr Wolz company in Germany; and the packaging is all new! Rest assured we have the English version, but for now we only have pack shots in German… read more

Five a Day - Still Flawed 10 Years Later - New Article

10th December 2012

This is brand new article from the Seventh Wave team. 5 a Day is something we all hear all the time.  It's been around for ten years now, we were quite suprised to hear it had been this long!  But … read more

Tell a Friend and Collect 200 Waveberries!

5th December 2012

We're very proud to have built our business on word of mouth reccomendation. Now in our tenth year of Additive Free Naturally - we offer a waveolutionary service. If you tell someone about us, and … read more

New Winter Website!

5th December 2012

Our wintery (but still warm) website is now online. We hope you like the all new Christmas feel!  It is the first of our seasonal limited edition backgrounds! The snowflakes will only be visible o… read more

Win Gifts and 7% Discount for life - 30th Nov / 1st Dec

30th November 2012

This week, it is a massive financial milestone for Seventh Wave that has been just over 5 years in the making.  Because of some slight variations in official figures, and those recorded in total, w… read more

27-11-12 - Could it be You?

27th November 2012

Could it be YOU? Today, on the 27th November 2012, one of our lovely customers will be showered with gifts and placed on a permanent 7% discount on all purchases in the future. The lucky one will … read more

New Article: Addressing Adrenal Fatigue

6th November 2012

Now online, this article looks at a very modern issue that is surprisingly common.  Modern life is frenetic, and as such places a lot of demands on our hormones (for men and women), and subsequently … read more

Royal Jelly & Ginseng Combination Sold Out

5th November 2012

The combination of these two nutrients is a popular one, and hence one that many companies, including ourselves supply together. We have however discontinued this in favour of supplying these two sup… read more

Flaxseed Oil Discontinued

5th November 2012

Flaxseed is a good oil, and we have always stocked because it is used for certain healing protocols, and can be used as a salad dressing.  However, we have always recommended Hemp Seed Oil in prefere… read more

Now Sold out of EU Affected TMHPD Herbs

31st October 2012

We have now sold out of all stock remaining affected by the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive.  Without doubt one of the most misguided, and unjust of the EU Directives.  Please do … read more

Borage Oil Discontinued

18th October 2012

Whilst this is a lovely nutritional oil, we have taken the decision to discontinue the Borage Oil. There are a number of reasons for this, but from a nutritional standpoint, the Evening Primrose Oil … read more

Afffiliate Programme Now Live - Link to us and Earn!

10th October 2012

We are pleased to announce our affiliate scheme is now ready for you to use. So if you have a website, whether it's a personal blog, a business site, or even just your Facebook wall, you can link to … read more

5000 Waveberries Winner & Your Comments!

9th October 2012

Congratulations to Jeanette Tavener who was selected from the hat today as the winner of 5000 Waveberries (£50).  We want to thank everyone for being part of the competition helping us to raise our … read more

WIN! WIN! WIN! 5000 Waveberries

27th September 2012

We are building up our Facebook page; we have thousands of customers, but only a few hundred Facebook "likes".  So here's a chance to win 5000 Waveberries, just share the image below! Please do "li… read more

Fermented Foods - New Article

12th September 2012

Fermented foods are packed with nutrition, and there's great fun to be had in the kitchen! Here's our look at fermented foods around the World, and the health benefits.… read more

Kelp, Weight Loss and a Discount!

3rd September 2012

Here's a new mini product feature looking at Kelp as a slimming tool.  We are not big believers in the extreme dieting many people follow, and the diet industry is very good at keeping people NOT los… read more

Herbs Buy One Get One Free (Final Remaining Stock)

20th August 2012

Because the "best before" is close on the last few herbs affected by the EU Herbal Directive you can Buy One Get One FREE on the following... Agnus Castus Black Cohosh Echinacea Purpurea E… read more

Raw Butter Now Available in Waitrose!

14th August 2012

First reported in "The Grocer" and now we've tried it too, raw butter is available in Waitrose - Isigny Sainte-Mère butter.French diary co-operative Isigny Sainte-Mère secured a place for its unpa… read more

New Article - Dealing With Stress, Anxiety & Depression

13th August 2012

Last week Channel 4 ran a season raising awareness on mental health issues - the "4GoesMad" season must be commended; it is a subject long overdue some mainstream coverage. So here's some practical id… read more

It's our 5th Birthday! Save £5 on 17-7-12 (One Day Only)

16th July 2012

(Sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers like these) The 17th July 2007 was a very busy day.  We had a deadline, and we made it (just), with payment systems going live at teatime; at 7p… read more

New Name & Save £4 on Floral Cream

27th June 2012

The Raw Gaia company are rebranding.  One of the first changes is the amazing For Her Daughters Moisturiser.  This is now known as Floral Rejuvenating Cream, the ingredients are unchanged.So here's … read more

The Men Who Made Us Fat - Essential TV

20th June 2012

This is essential viewing for anyone interested in health and nutrition. Last weeks episode is on iplayer here "The Men Who Made Us Fat". Episode two airs on BBC2 on Thursday 21st June 2012.This is o… read more

Saw Palmetto Sold Out

13th June 2012

Sad news once again as another of our herbals has sold out because of the EU Herbal Directive.  Whilst our Saw Palmetto was one of the very best on the UK market (GMP standards, additive free, whole … read more

Jubilee Jelly and Coronation Chicken - New Article

13th June 2012

So the Jubilee celebrations are over, and whatever your opinion on the subject, there’s lots to discuss. We thought comparing Jubilee party food through the ages from jellied eels and jelly to the … read more

FREE Tai Chi Taster Lessons

7th June 2012

We highly recommend Tai Chi, it is gentle, suitable for all ages, and many people find it has a profound affect on well being. Here's some FREE taster lessons from Tai Chi Nation who are highly authe… read more

Stop Slouching! New Posture Article Online

17th May 2012

How often do you check your posture?  Has it worsened over time? Do you spend a lot of time at a computer or desk? Do you want to be healthier, happier (and maybe even a bit slimmer)? Then he… read more

Food Revolution Day - 19th May 2012

17th May 2012

Have you heard about Jamie Oliver's new initiative to encourage a return to real food? This is a great idea with food events happening literally all over the World.  You can find out more and locate… read more

The All New Seventh Wave is Now Online!

19th April 2012

UPDATE: comments about the new site added at the bottom!   The story of the new site.. We had a concept, a crazy concept that we wanted people to actually FEEL better when online at our shop. We h… read more

Additive Free CoQ10 Now in Stock

15th March 2012

For the first time from a UK supplier, 100% natural and additive free CoQ10. This is naturally fermented Coq10 from Japan. It is cultured from natural bacteria, and just like all fermented foods it … read more

Support the Waves Charity in Africa

15th March 2012

One of our web designers, Gareth is running the London Marathon to support the wonderful charity Waves. Find out more here Waves focus on bringing some pleasure and some fun to children and in doin… read more

Register for Exclusive Discounts & Articles

15th March 2012

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