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Low Fat is Fattening!

You heard us right.  Low fat is the last thing to do if you want to be slim!

How can that be when "low fat" is so well established in government guidelines, shopping aisles, and health campaigns?  Please read on...

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It Began With Flawed Research

In the 1950s, heart disease was soaring, nobody knew why. A group of scientists developed a theory that cholesterol and saturated fats were the cause - "the lipid hypothesis". This has never been backed up by facts.

Since then, study after study has been designed to show that saturated fats cause heart disease, and that it caues obesity.  Millions of pounds have been spent.  But still, none of the research backs up the theory!

Much Government advice is based upon Ancel Keys' Six Countries Study, and the subsequent Seven Countries Study.  Once again - entirely flawed, and totally debunked.  At the time he was ridiculed for extreme bias; even the World Health Organisation highlighted fundamental flaws.  We should mention that Ancel Keyes was an economist, not a doctor, nor scientist, nor health researcher. How very curious.

                                    "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics" Mark Twain


Then Came Government Guidelines

So why exactly did the western world change its advice in the 1970s?

Certain (flawed) studies (incorrectly) suggested some risk factors, and from those, eating advice became a favourite mission of governments.  Political gains, and corporate pressures were factors in this new style of policy making. It began in the USA in 1977; the UK followed on in 1983.  And so policy recommending we increase carbohydrate intake and reduce fat intake began.

The "Proposals for nutritional guidelines for health education in Britain" were key. As was a flawed study that policy makers focused on in the UK - "Diet and Cardiovascular Disease". This grouped saturated fats (healthy, natural and slimming) and trans-fats (man made, toxic and fattening) together as the same thing.  How can that be? We're not sure how they can possibly justify the recommendations that came out of this report. But 30 years later, is it possible they just cannot back track on this government induced health tragedy?

And isn't it interesting that it is extremely hard to get hold of this paper now. One noted researcher who has had sight of it is Zoe Harcombe. If this subject matter interests you, please do invest in "The Obesity Epidemic" you can buy this direct from Zoë's website here. This excellent book discusses this subject in far greater detail than is suitable for a general interest article such as this one; it is recommended reading.

So then, lots of flawed research.  Lots of policy makers guiding nutritional policy, of which they know little to nothing.  And lots of nutritional nonsense. 30 years later, the low fat brigade marches on, and it just seems to get more sinister as time goes on...


Bring in Big Food

In 2011 big food companies had become so powerful and influential, some began openly participating in Government food strategy. McDonalds, Pepsi, Mars and Kellogg's being four of the biggest that were involved.  They all sell highly processed unhealthy food. They have absolutely no place being involved in nutritional policy, it is ludicrous, and disgraceful that this door was ever opened to them.

There are many, many companies that have hitched their wagon to the low fat concept.  In fairness, most of them are genuinely unaware of just how flawed it is.  But we it's time for change, and we must get the message out there.


The Basic Nutritional Issues

We have eaten saturated fats throughout history.  Heart disease and obesity however are new phenomenons.  They can be attributed to the overuse of sugar, processed plant fats, manmade trans fats, and refined carbohydrates.  Real fats have never, ever been the issue, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Some of the very healthiest people in the world eat incredibly large amounts of saturated fats.  The Innuits and Masai are two excellent examples.  Or closer to home "The French Paradox" - the French eat far more saturated fat than we do, yet have less heart disease.  Except it's not really a paradox as you can see, just good nutrition at play.

It is important to firstly understand that a calorie is not a calorie, and energy in does not equal energy out.  Once again, we refer you to "The Obesity Epidemic" for the most thorough understanding of these basic flaws in mainstream nutrition. But here are the key points in a general sense;

  • Low fat is fattening
  • Natural fats are slimming
  • Natural fats are healthy
  • Fats are used for fuel and energy
  • Saturated fats do not cause heart disease
  • Dietary cholesterol does not raise blood cholesterol
  • Carbohydrates (in particular refined ones) lead directly to fat storage


Why Saturated Fats Are Slimming

There are a number of reasons.  All facts. All backed up time and time again by real life, epidemiological studies, clinical trials, experience, reality and some basic biology and nutritional science. (No biased economists to be found here!).

Your body needs saturated fats.  They provide you with energy, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb other nutrients, especially the fat soluble vitamins A and D.  And healthy fats improve your digestion and support good hormone function - both of which are essential if you want to be slim.

The calories from medium chain fatty acids in for example butter and coconut oil are burnt much quicker than those found in long chain fatty acids such as olive oil. They give quick energy and are not stored in the adipose tissue (the bit that makes you fat).  In contrast, long chain fatty acids as found in polyunsaturated fats and refined carbohydrates impact directly on adipose tissue.  So that's why real saturated fats are better than those "diet" foods if you want to be slim!

And then there's the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  This is now widely sold as a weight loss supplement.  The best natural way to get it? Butter, or for vegans coconut oil!  But isn't it crazy that on one hand certain people are telling us low fat is slimming, and on the other, there are supplements utilising nutrients found in these very same foods! What a mixed up world we live in.


Saturated Fats Make You Feel Full

When following a low fat diet, it is typical to experience carb cravings, often quite extreme.  Is it any wonder people give up!  That's because saturated fats cause "satiety" that feeling of satisfaction and having had a good meal. When you eat healthy fats, hormones are triggered that tell your body you are full. So they are absolutely vital in any slimming programme.

And that's why binging is so common when going low fat, because your body is seeking that equilibrium point and natural "feel good factor" that only saturated fats can give you.  Once again, don't worry about eating too much, it just will not happen.


Low Fat Food Makes You Feel Hungry

In contrast, eat low fat, over time, you will hungrier, you will want to eat more, and so an internal battle begins. it really is that simple....

Nutritional basics aside.  Start taking a look at processed diet and low fat foods.  You will begin to see some patterns.  Typically they are High in Sugar. High in Refined Carbs.  High in Chemical Additives.  High in Corn Syrup. High in Soya. High in Rubbish. And the thing all of these ingredients have in common is that they are fattening!

Spread facts not low fat - low fat is fattening!


Which Fats to Eat?

Our advice, eat saturated fats of all kinds, freely if you want to be slim and healthy.  It is nigh on impossible to over-eat them, your body will guide you. Too much butter for example is actually really really hard to do in reality.

So its yes to all dairy (full fat is fine!). Yes to butter, coconut oil, avocados, meat and fish and nuts.  Vegans please use Hemp Oil as your most balanced source of omegas in plant form.  

When it comes to yoghurt, live is best and highly recommended, and fermented dairy such as kefir is incredible nutritionally. Our Fermented foods article is here which includes a look at dairy.

And in moderation, add a little extra virgin olive oil for the useful mono-unsaturated fats. Avocado oil is excellent, and small amounts of walnut oil, flaxseed oil and seasame oil, but don't overheat them.

Please do try and make all dairy organic for the best nutritional results. Even better, raw and organic.  Here's some info regarding raw butter, a true superfood!

But remember to cut out those processed vegetable fats.  The ones to avoid are technically known as "polyunsatured". And if they are polyunsaturated and hydrogenated, well you truly can't put anything worse in your body.  In particular please avoid magarine, soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and rapeseed / canola oil. Those are the ones that you absolutely must avoid if you want to be slim and healthy. 

And of course - say goodbye to refined carbs!  Make no mistake, they are addictive and unhealthy.  You may struggle initially cutting them out, but in time, your body will desire the right sort of food naturally.

The rest is easy on the food front, just Eat Naturally!  (Free information leaflets on this are sent with all orders).

We highly recommend the book "Eat Fat to Lose Fat" by Sally Fallon on the subject, it's a great read.


Who Are We?

Seventh Wave has for 12 years been promoting REAL food and nutrition, and we are so proud to supply a range of totally natural, additive free health supplements.  We believe in transforming your health, naturally, and are here to help and support you. Real food comes first, but if you need extra nutritional support, we have it in the most natural and effective forms.

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