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The Truth About Salt and Your Heart

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So the final major article for "Have a Happy Heart Week" and it's the big one ... salt and the heart. Well, apart from fats and the heart that is!

No big surprise that it's another area where the "authorities" get things wrong, let's try and clear things up a bit.

Table salt is not ideal for human consumption. It's basically on the shelves today because of the industrial revolution and because manufacturing needs it more on this here.  But your body needs salt to thrive and be healthy. So there's a gap here between these two points, and so much scope for misunderstanding. But even when it comes to refined salt, the issues are overstated.

But for the healthiest option, the answer is Celtic Salt.  This is a very special, very healthy salt.  It's an absolute foundation for good health, and we recommend it for everyone. And yes, even those with high blood pressure and heart problems.  In fact, it's these very people that should ensure they get full spectrum salts into the diet every single day.

If this subject interests you, do buy the excellent book The Salt Fix by Dr James DiNicolantonio


But Doesn't Salt Cause High Blood Pressure?

Some assert a relationship between salt and blood pressure.  However, a close look at the studies shows the relationship is actually insignificant and many researchers agree that the link is “theoretical”.  Far more powerful and relevant for those with high blood pressure are lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, getting slimmer, and changing overall diet.  And in fact, in some people, low salt causes high blood pressure!

“My view is that it is very likely that low salt will ultimately prove to be another public health disaster".  Dr David McCarron, issuing a stark warning to the UK Government in 2007

And it's vital to understand that serious lifestyle events such as heart attacks and strokes are complicated, and very individual.  It's the TOTALITY of life we need to look at, not just blood pressure.  Having low blood pressure does not necessarily reduce the risk of such events. 

For more on this, we highly recommend the book again "The Salt Fix" by Dr James Nicolantonio and do follow him on Twitter  for lots of information. 


Do Choose Real Salt

However, we do know that refined table salt offers little nutritional value, and is harder for the human body to deal with.   That's because refined salt is sodium chloride and nothing else. Celtic Salt in contrast provides a natural buffer to these two elements, they are surrounded and balanced by many other minerals and trace elements - this is real salt the way your body wants it.  It's useful to note there is a high magnesium content in Celtic Salt, and this nutrient is very useful for those with blood pressure issues.


Celtic Salt Helps Blood Pressure

This might sound shocking to some, but is absolutely true.  We do not seek to make medicinal claims, salt is a food, we've consumed it throughout history. Salt is part of our genetic makeup and part of our bodily design - our internal fluid is salty, and the heart depends on a saline solution in the blood and lymph to make it pump; so if you think about it logically, it is no surprise really that real seawater salt can have very positive (natural) effects when it comes to blood pressure.

We will say that we often receive calls from customers who have experienced the positive benefits of Celtic Salt, but other than that, we will let Jacques de Langre PhD do the talking here. 

Please read his interview on the issues relating to Celtic Salt and Blood pressure.

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