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The 7 Keys to Avoiding Heart Disease

There is no cure for heart disease. Once developed, it will always be there, and all you can do is manage it.  So we can't emphasise enough how vital the following steps are.


1 - Stop Smoking

This is the biggest risk factor. But don't let yourself be thrown from the tobacco companies to pharmaceuticals. There is a simple way to stop smoking, and it is something we have recommended to many with great success.  It's a very special book called "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr (not the comedian!), and in the event of needing it, a second book called "The Only Way to Stop Smoking".  But for most people, book one is all that's needed.  This is a proven method, and time and time again, people say how easy it is.  There are also one day clinics around the country.  Whilst we don't know anyone who has been to one of these, we feel sure they are just as successful as the book, but simply use a more hands on type approach.  This is without doubt one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. For more information see 


2 - Eat Naturally

Get processed food out of your diet.  They pollute your body, and it's vital to avoid them to prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease (and much more besides!).  And with recent revelations here in the UK about the provenance of meat in processed food, there has never been a better time to switch to 100% real food.  In particular, please try to avoid processed sugar and refined carbohydrates wherever possible.  Nobody can prepare food for you and your family as well as you can.  Single ingredient foods, cooked with care, and you can't go wrong.  Here's our 7 Foods for a Healthy Heart article.  We send general Eat Naturally guidelines free with all orders.


3 - Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight or obese is a major risk factor for heart disease.  And whilst you don't need to be "size zero" by any stretch of the modern obsession with super skinny, it is important to be in a healthy range for your age and height.  It is natural to gain some weight from the late 30s onwards, largely due to the breakdown of muscle, so it's important to stay in control of this issue.  Here's our Simple Slimming Guide, but we will be launching an innovative 7 day programme in the spring - winter is for warming, spring is for slimming!


4 - Exercise regularly

It is important to exercise within your limits, but it does need to be regular, and it does need to involve good movement.  30 minutes a day of movement suitable to your age and fitness level is a good guideline.  If you are fit and healthy, then of course this level can and should be increased substantially.  For those in your 30s and 40s, if you can keep your muscle tone strong, it will pay massive dividends in your 50s and beyond.

The more sedentary you are, over time, the more unhealthy you will be, and your risk for heart disease will increase.  Find the exercise that you enjoy, even better, that you love, and stick with it, but if you can include a few different types, even better! Walking is one of the most simple and easy and cheap things you can do, and walking in the countryside will really help your stress levels, see point 5 for more on this!

If your movement is difficult or restricted, try Tai Chi, this is really gentle.  Also easy for all ages and fitness levels is rebounding, and this is a very special form of exercise that can really contribute to your wellbeing, it's great fun too!


5 - Minimise Stress

Wow, that sounds easy doesn't it, but it often isn't.  Work life balance is essential, doing the things you love is essential, taking time to relax is essential.  Do any of us do it enough? Typically no, but life is short, and this is one factor that is a major contributory factor to heart disease, but so much more too.  It is also a major factor in the modern lifestyle, the workday commute, the long hours, the financial strain, the negativity we are bombarded with in the media, the list goes on and on. And this ongoing stress keeps our bodies reacting in a fight or flight way.  This is something both as a society, and as individuals, we all need to address.  Spend some time working out what it is you need to really relax, and make time for it.  Walking, gardening, music, candlelit suppers, relaxing baths, photography, art, time with friends...  what works for you? How often are you doing it? Make it more frequent!  Long term stress will certainly affect your heart and blood pressure, but it can also lead to Adrenal Fatigue which in itself can be very tricky to deal with.


6 - Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

It is no coincidence that diabetics often have heart problems.  If you have excess glucose in your bloodstream, this will attach to protein in the blood, and cause stickiness. Over time, this damages the blood vessels, arteries, and capillaries.  All of the steps above will help bring your blood sugar into line.  But additionally, it is particularly important to minimise carbohydrates (this is contrary to much advice given to diabetics in the UK, but is essential). If you need extra help, useful foods to get in your diet include, almonds, celery, oatmeal and definitely add Cinnamon (we will have this in supplement form available soon).  Chromium can be very helpful, and for this we have the very wonderful Zell Oxygen


7 - Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure must be dealt with as a necessity.   The good news is, blood pressure can be managed naturally, and please do try if this is an issue for you.  Sometimes blood pressure medication is absolutely essential, but it can weaken the heart over time, which of course is the last thing we want. Never stop medication suddenly, but where possible do look to work with your practitioners to achieve a really healthy lifestyle that can enable you to reduce your medication gradually over time.  It is absolutely achievable.

So NOW is the time to take control of your blood pressure. Putting all of the points detailed above into place will yield significant benefits when it comes to getting everything in a normal and healthy range.  Stopping smoking, improving diet and reducing your weight often being all that is needed to get your levels in a healthy range.  Yes it can take a little time, but your health is worth it.   If you need extra help, try Hawthorn and / or Olive Leaf Extract

Please eliminate toxic table salt, but add the wonderful Celtic Salt, we promise you that your blood pressure will thank you.  Do see the interview with Jacques de Langre on the Celtic Salt page.



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