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Which Celtic Salt to Choose?

Some customers are unsure which Celtic Salt might suit them best, here's some simple guidance, and you might be surprised how many uses there are for these very healthy, mineral rich salts!



For cooking, the Coarse Celtic Salt is by far the best value and we recommend this for general use in the kitchen.  You certainly could use both the Fleur de Sel Salt and the Dried, but they would be far more expensive. As the grain size typically doesn't matter when preparing hot dishes, then it is best to choose the value option.  If grain size does matter, perhaps for a very delicate dish with only low temperatures applied, then perhaps you might consider one of the others, but we are struggling to think of a recipe that might warrant this!


At  the Table

This very issue is main reason we have several salts available!  In France, the traditional Coarse Celtic Salt is the one most families use, and is simply kept on the table in a wooden container. The crystals are large, they can be broken up by hand, but some find this is not to their taste.  So, you could for example use the Fleur De Sel Salt, this is naturally very fine and easy to use, but again, a wooden container on the table would be used, applying either by hand, or with a small spoon. Even with this one, the crystals are a touch larger than some prefer.   A pestle and mortar, or Japanese suribachi is the best way to break up the large crystals of the Coarse Celtic whether at the table or in the kitchen.

If you wish to use a grinder, the only option is the Dried Celtic Salt, it has the same nutritional benefits, just dried for longer, this does of course affect the cost.   The mechanism must be either glass or ceramic, never metal.  Both the Coarse Celtic Salt and Fleur de Sel will ruin even the best grinder, please don't even try!  We do have the official Celtic Salt grinder available pre-filled with the dried salt.

For maximum value and versatility, use the Coarse Celtic in the kitchen (and for other uses as described below) and have a packet of the Fleur de Sel or the Dried in a grinder at the table.


For Fermenting

Fermented vegetables are incredibly healthy, we would urge you to try and incorporate some into your weekly nutrition.   The Celtic Salt is perfect for this, and we have provided salts for fermenting workshops at the Weston A Price London conferences in recent years as a sponsorship contribution.  If this is a new area for you, then look out for a book called "Wild Fermentation" by Sandor Katz as a good starting place.


For Remineralising / Electrolytes

The Celtic Salt is a really simple, and wonderful way to get important trace minerals into the diet, and as a natural electrolyte supplement, it is far superior than a sports drink full of sugar and other undesirables.  Again, from a value point of view, it's the coarse here. You could use the others, but as for this purpose the salt will be dissolved in water, it would make no sense to spend more money than needed.  Simply add half a teaspoon to some warm water, you can add a squeeze of lemon if you wish.  You will be left with some grains - not all minerals in nature dissolve completely in water.


Toothpaste / Mouthwash

Celtic Salt is one of the very healthiest ways to ensure good oral health, and in fact, it is a very traditional way to keep the mouth, and teeth and gums clean, you may even have seen some toothpastes with salts in, but they wont be as nice is this salt!  If you have gum disease, a mixture of this salt and bicarbonate of soda gently applied to the gums can yield results that may astonish your dentist.  Or simply rinse your mouth with a salt and bicarb warm water solution. It is definitely the Coarse Celtic Sea Salt for this purpose.


In the Bath

The Sel de Guerande cooperative do make scented bath salts, however, these are not available for import into the UK.  But the coarse salt can obviously be used in the bath.  Perhaps add some essential oils if you want to add a luxurious scent to your bath.  But your skin will love you for an occasional soak with some Celtic Salt.  Again, it's the coarse here, the others would be far too expensive for this purpose.  Likewise, it is excellent as a soothing foot soak at the end of a busy day. Especially with the new value 5kg Celtic Salt packs, this is now much more an option.


For Facial Scrubs

Celtic Salt makes a wonderful natural facial scrub, but do go gently on your facial skin, mixed with a little oatmeal works well.  Again, the coarse is going to be good value, but if you can justify the cost, we think the Fleur de Sel works well, and lets face it, is still much cheaper than some of the fancy scrubs you see on the market!


Dandruff Removal 

The Coarse Celtic Salt is absolutely wonderful if you have some dandruff, just massage it into your scalp, and leave for 5 - 10 minutes.  It won't deal with the underlying nutritional issues if there are any, but you might be surprised at how effective this is.



For horses especially, salt is very good for their health, and traditionally people give processed salt licks, or these days more and more use himalayan salt licks.  These are really practical, but if you wanted to give some salt loose in a feed, or in water as electrolytes, then this loose Celtic Salt in the 5kg bags is pefect.


Finally, For a Touch of Flavour and Gifts!

We stock the small Celtic Salt With Herbs, this is lovely for flavouring certain dishes and for barbeque marinades and the like.  It also makes a lovely gift item, and is a good way to introduce friends and family to the healthy Celtic Salt range and benefits.


Questions, and Other Uses

This is not a definitive list, and there are definitely more uses for these wonderful Celtic Salts, feel free to send us your ideas!  If you have any questions, or anything isn't clear, as ever, the team will be happy to help you, you can call, email, or use the help desk.

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