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Why Natural?

In the Oxford Dictionary the words "nature" and "natural" take up 5 pages! They are words often manipulated and mis-used.

When we say natural we mean it...

  • ALL ingredients in our carefully selected range are 100% natural - never synthetic. So they are found naturally in the plant, mineral or animal world, not laboratory made.
  • Minimal processing - simply dried and crushed for example
  • Ingredients are never ever genetically modified


Synthetic supplements CAN have their place where a deficiency has been identified, or for certain health conditions. And sometimes we do refer our customers to other companies where a real need exists.

But for most people, most of the time, natural is definitely best.  Everything is in the right biological concentration with real therapeutic value.  No laboratory can replicate this complexity.  And your body knows the difference!


Natural v Synthetic - How are they Made?

Petroleum, coal tar derivatives and corn syrup.  Refined oils, irradiated animal fats and chemically processed sugars.   Thats how man made versions of vitamins and minerals begin.   And intensive processing, bleaching and the introduction of additives and fillers is all in the mix when it comes to most supplements.  Chemicals such as ammonia, acetone and formaldehyde are often used in the manufacturing process.
Synthetic vitamins contain chemical compounds, that whilst atom for atom look like the real thing, they in fact replicate just one portion of a complex substance.  And whilst they might look like certain nutrients under a microscope, they definitely dont behave the same way in the body. 

And that's why researchers find that some synthetic supplements can actually have antagonistic effects on the body, and create nutritional imbalance.

Vitamins and minerals occur only in foods and botanicals, they cannot be replicated by man or designed in a laboratory.
A truly natural product is in a perfectly balanced form with a huge array of co-factors.  And crucially the minerals are naturally chelated (bonded to amino acids) meaning they are transported effectively through the body.
An excellent example is Vitamin C. This is typically made from extracts of corn syrup.  The end result - Ascorbic Acid is just a fraction of naturally occurring vitamin C, and has been isolated from all of the essential co-factors including phytonutrients and bioflavonoids.  In 1937, Nobel Prize laureate, Dr Albert Szent-Georgi discovered that Ascorbic Acid alone could not cure scurvy, yet natural Vitamin C could.
Acerola Cherries  are one of the richest sources of Vitamin C known to man (far greater than for example oranges). They provide you with exceptional, food state vitamin C, and not just Vitamin C, but all of the healthy nutrients that ensure maximum absorption and nutritional input. In supplement form, they are more effective than the synthetic alternatives.
Please see the Broad Spectrum Range for the most exciting nutritional products available today. These are totally natural multi vitamins and so much more. And with up to 75% less vitamins and minerals in our fruit and veg than 50 years ago, they provide a nutritional safety net.


Natural v Isolated Supplements

Nutrients never travel alone in nature.  You never find a vegetable with vitamin C and nothing else for example.  Each nutrient travels with other vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids, trace elements and so much more.  Everything is pefectly balanced, each has its own unique role to play but does so in a synergistic way.  And taking too much of one nutrient without the correct amounts of another can create an imbalance. A good example being calcium, which should always be taken with the correct balance of magnesium. 

So thats why you wont see isolated supplements here at Seventh Wave (Vitamins B, C, D for example).  Instead, when it comes to vitamins and minerals, we like to give your body everything it needs (and more) in a harmonious way (see the Broad Spectrum Range).

How Important is the Milligram Content?

Manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the milligram content, but this is another misnomer and has no relationship with actual nutritional input.  Nutrients delivered naturally with their co-factors will always be absorbed more effectively than a synthetic (and possibly higher dose) alternative.
You will enjoy far greater benefits from broad and balanced amounts as found in the Broad Spectrum Range that provide a range of vitamins and minerals in a food state form, whole food form.
“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”

Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the founding father of natural medicine.

And of course we are also 100% ADDITIVE FREE

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