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Comparing Celtic Salt and Himalayan Salt


We are often asked how Himalayan Salt compares with Celtic Salt. It is a valid and interesting question, and one we thought we should cover in detail.


Taste and Preference

We will get onto the nutrition, but taste is an important aspect, and easy to address.  Both the Celtic Salt and Himalayan are full spectrum salts with a range of minerals and trace elements.  They are both healthy.  They are both a very worthy replacement for toxic refined salt.  But the taste is really different. 

Some connoisseurs even feel different recipes warrant the use of one salt or the other. But this is a very subjective issue, and only you can decide which you prefer. 


Mineral Balance

Nutritional assay comparisons of the Celtic Salt v Himalayan reveal that the sodium content is lower in the Celtic and magnesium is higher.  Nutritionally this is superior.  The phosphorous and potassium are slightly higher in the Celtic Salt, as are many trace minerals and elements deficient in the modern diet.


“Old and New” Salts and Purity Issues

Himalayan salt comes from very old land locked sources, perhaps even millions of years old.  Celtic Salt in comparison is “fresh”.  This again is a personal preference issue fundamentally.   Whilst some might say the pink salt has been kept away from the modern world, the area the Celtic Salt is harvested from is absolutely pristine, and is carefully protected to keep it this way.   It has to meet vigorous purity and safety standards.  The water from which Celtic Salt comes from has not touched any land until it reaches the beautiful salt marshes of Brittany.  Land locked sources of salt would be more likely to retain impurities than sea water salts.

And the ocean is actually very purifying, and a self cleaning environment.  It cleans and oxygenates itself all the time, and sustains many life forms.  The saline content of the sea protects against man made pollution naturally. 

"Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea" Pythagoras


A Philosophical View

Salt is vital for good health, and the minerals found naturally in salt, are found in the fluids found in the human body.  These fluids are lymphatic - extracellular, and inside the cells – intracellular. They are like an inner ocean.  Sea salt of course comes from sea water, whereas Himalayan salt is from a land locked source.  So there is a philosophical view that the similarity between salt water and body fluid makes Celtic Salt a more instinctive, and therapeutically matched choice.  Many people are instinctively drawn to the seaside, and feel cleansed and revived by such visits, and many believe it to be a very spiritual place. But this is an esoteric discussion, and again a very personal choice. 


Food Miles

Himalayan salt comes from Khewra, Pakistan there are several mines that supply the world.  Celtic Salt comes from Brittany, France, we import direct.  It is worth noting here there is a well known “branded” Celtic Salt that travels from Brittany, to America, and then to the point of supply, thus of course incurring a lot of travel time.  For the environmentally concerned, this aspect may be relevant.   It can certainly have an impact on cost, in any event, a lot of the cost of the Salt here in the UK is both the postage here, and the freight cost of having the pallets brought over. We are still half the price of branded salt however!


Conclusions on Celtic Salt v Himalayan

So there is our look at the issues.  For us, Celtic Salt wins the day, but we do support the use of Himalayan salt from a nutritional standpoint also.  Other than that, it is a case of choosing what sits best with you on consideration of all of these points, and as we said, which one you think tastes the best. You can certainly enjoy both if you wish!

But whichever natural salt you choose, don’t fear the dogma, real salt is incredibly important for good health. There are links to articles discussing the broader issues to be found on the main Celtic Salt pages.

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