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Is Celtic Salt Suitable as an Electrolyte Supplement?

Much is made these days of electrolyte supplements, no surprise when sports are so popular, and probably more so following the wonderful London 2012 Olympics! We hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we all did.

The electrolytes on the market vary from the credible ones based on real salts, to the ludicrous sports “drinks” packed with sugars and additives, and even in some cases aspartame, a very toxic substance.

Electrolytes are electrically charged particles found in your body fluid.  The four key electrolytes are sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, when they dissolve they transform into ions and these fuel up and charge the cells in your body.

And isn’t it interesting that these are the very same molecules found in unrefined sea salt!  And this of course leads us to wondering why we get it so wrong nutritionally on salt, more on this here.  They ensure hydration, cell to cell communication, support muscle function and more. And yes, that does mean that this is what salt does in your body as well, but it must be the right type!

Everyone needs good quality, full spectrum salt daily.  Sports people especially need a good supply of electrolytes, and we’ve all seen athletes doubled up in pain with cramps – a lack of electrolytes will directly cause this.

But why fork out for expensive supplements when Celtic Salt does the job perfectly! This salt is multi-functional; you can use it in the kitchen, at the table, in the bath, and as your sports supplement!

It may not be quite as convenient as of course you will need to dissolve it yourself, but this is quick and easy, just place a teaspoon in some warmish water. You can of course just place in some cold water, but you will be left with some grains (not all minerals in nature dissolve completely in water). You might like to add a squeeze of lemon juice.


Naturally Balanced

Some electrolyte supplements are weighted incorrectly, and plain old salt tablets even worse being made from just isolated sodium and chloride.  But Celtic Salt is totally balanced, naturally, so there is no risk of replenishing in the wrong way.  It is also of course ionically charged and the wonderful trace elements (92 in total) have so many important health  benefits and that’s why it is considered a remineralising supplement as well as just being something to add to food!


Can I Take Too Much Celtic Salt

This would be difficult.  Your body is very clever, and will instinctively know when you’ve had enough.  The one thing you might experience if you have had a touch too much Celtic Salt is loose bowels, in which case certainly reduce.

There is a vast amount of misinformation about salt, and hence a lot of fear, if you require more information on this, then see this article



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