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A Closer Look at Cold Pressing

Unlike refined oils, cold pressed oils retain their nutritional value, taste is also better. Refined oils should be avoided because of their degraded nutrition, yet they have become the norm in the food supply.  

The term is of German origin - 'kalt geschlagen', which translates to 'cold pummeled'.  In the EU, the term is clearly defined but in America has a looser definition and can even be used for some refined oils!

Cold pressing takes longer, it is more expensive, and that’s why the big food companies don’t use it (in those circumstances where they could that is!)

The technique as it implies is extremely concerned with the amount of heat used in the process.  In contrast, extremely high temperatures are used to refine oils, in many cases this process is needed to even make the oil palatable.  If it has to be treated with extreme heat (450 degrees) and chemical processes (bleaching, hydrogenating etc) before you can eat it, then it should definitely be avoided!

And lets not forget that heating oils can create carcinogenic compounds, and that applies even in home cooking, so these modern refined oils raise many health issues.

Traditionally, the seeds will have been “pummelled” using extremely heavy granite millstones.  These days, heavy stainless steel presses are used. There will of course be some natural heat generated through friction, but the slow process keeps this to the absolute minimum.  Absolutely no chemicals are used.

Cold Pressed Oils We Supply

Hemp Oil - when it comes to a vegetarian source of omega oils, Hemp Seed Oil is as balanced as you can get having the correct balance of omega oils for human nutrition.

Hemp can be used straight from the spoon, or in dressings and smoothies, please don’t heat.

And then there is Coconut Oil.  Nutritionally, the properties are different to the straight oils, but they are so exciting.  It has been subject to a lot of bad press due to the saturated fat content.  But this is all nonsense!  Saturated fats provide essential nutrients, and are extremely healthy, and they are absolutely not fattening.

Evening Primrose Oil - this is not strictly a nutritional oil in terms of it being a food you might use in dressings and the like.  But it does have wonderful properties,  Most notably it is very high in GLA which is very important for hormonal balance, and can help some other issues.  It does have omega content however, and is quite high in omega 6, so certainly it's important to ensure enough omega 3, but that is the case for everyone in any event.  It is a supplement that has some excellent research supporting its use.

All of these oils are cold pressed, and are of the highest quality.  We really feel that this is essential when it comes to omega oils to get the right nutritional results.

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