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What is a Proteolytic Enzyme?

There are many different enzymes, each playing an important health role, around 3000 have so far been discovered, so this is a complex area!

Proteolytic enzymes play a special role in the digestive process. They have also been used therapeutically for decades. 

Protease is the most well known of these, and this plays a particular role in breaking down proteins into amino acids, and these are the very building blocks on the body, so its easy to see why this process is so important. 

The other types of digestive enzymes are amylase (amilolytic) which digests starches and lipase (lipolytic) which digests fats, then we have cellulase that breaks down fibre, sucrase deals with sugars, and lactase dairy. In a digestive enzyme formula, you will typically find all of these.  We do not supply a digestive enzyme formula as these cannot be made in a 100% natural way (but can still be very valuable for some people), but we do supply a couple of very specific enzymes detailed below.

For most people, sufficient proteolytic enzymes are created in your pancreas, and found in the diet, but some health conditions may mean dietary intervention or supplementary forms are required. Excess gas, bloating and indigestion may indicate this is an area you need to improve.

Here are the best food sources of proteolytic enzymes.

  • Grains provide protease - the less refined the better and try sprouted grains for the very best dietary value.
  • Cheese also provides protease
  • Pineapples are high in bromelain
  • Ginger is rich in Zingibain
  • Papaya is the best source of Papain
  • Kiwi fruit contains actinidin

Raw and fermented foods will always be naturally higher in enzymes. Fermenting certain foods also reduces any enzyme inhibitors that may be present, so these are wonderful additions to your diet. 

Serrapeptase -  a Unique Proteolytic Enzyme

So we know that proteolytic enzymes are a foundation for good health, freeing up those valuable amino acids.  But a massive amount of research has found they may be very helpful for reducing pain and inflammation.

Serrapeptase is a natural plant enyzyme of the proteolytic type, and has been used therapeutically throughout Europe for several decades.  It breaks down hard tissue, and fibrin and removes the metabolic waste that is caused by the (natural) inflammatory process.

We supply a 100% natural and additive free Serrapeptase in a brown rice powder base. 

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