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Sea Kelp and Weight Loss

Kelp Weight Loss Discount Code Save 10%Slimming? Sea Kelp is one of the very best things you can add to help you achieve your weight loss goals with greater ease. And the all round health benefits are fabulous too!


Why are the Japanese Slimmer?

It’s a fact that the Japanese are a lot healthier, and slimmer than those in the West.  They are wiser than us when it comes to food, and "food as medicine" is part of the culture.  One major "slim factor" is a love of seaweed. Kelp is a particular favourite, and is consumed in large quantities, many Japanese even add it in supplement form as well as enjoying in meals.  

Kelp is known as Kombu or Konbu.  Kombucha "seaweed tea", is made from dried kombu. Kombu is also used as a sushi rice seasoning.  Some of the slimmest and healthiest Japanese are those from Okinawa where they have an extremely high concentration of centenarians. Okinawa uses more Kombu per household than any other region.

Why is Kelp Slimming?

Firstly, it  gives a wealth of vitamins and minerals, all in a 100% natural form. This nutritional foundation ensures your body works at the optimum which is essential. For example if your digestion is compromised, weight loss will be harder.  But when it comes to weight loss, or should we say slimming (it's a much more positive way of looking at things), there are several particular reasons for its usefulness.

Kelp is one of the very best natural sources of iodine.  And iodine keeps your thyroid in tip top condition, and your metabolism revved up and functioning well - if you want to shed a few pounds this is a must.  If you have accumulated weight, in some cases the thyroid may be directly responsible. And in fact, too little iodine in the diet will directly cause weight gain.  Kelp is fabulous for this, because the iodine is found in natural, bioavailable, and small, but correct amounts nutritionally.  If you are concerned about your thyroid function, you must have this tested.

Kelp also contains alginate, researchers are currently looking at ways to add this nutrient to certain foods as a weight loss aid.  But why go to all that trouble when a simple Kelp Supplement does the work naturally! It's not a "quick fix" of course, but will definitely support your slimming programme because Alginate helps you to feel satisfied.  It is ludicrous that they are researching ways to add this to bread for example, when refined carbohydrates are such a major issue with the weight problems we are currently seeing!

And finally, Kelp is also rich in fucoidans. These are molecules found exclusively in seaweeds.  These support the immune system and cell function. We are now seeing several synthetic supplements on the market using extracts of these in weight loss products with claims of reducing cravings, boosting energy and improving digestion.

So forget those fancy, and very expensive slimming supplements, most of them are filled with rubbish anyway! Kelp is easy to budget for, has so many other benefits, and will really support your slimming goals when used as part of your slimming programme. You might like to see our Simple Slimming Guide.  This is a comprehensive look at how to slim, naturally and provides you with lots of useful ideas.  


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Dietary Kelp

If possible, do of course try and incorporate dietary seaweed as well.  Lots of health food stores, and even some of the larger supermarkets these days stock various seaweeds, definitely some fun to be had experimenting with these in the kitchen!  Remember when looking at Japanese recipes that Kelp is referred to as Kombu.


Kelp Slimming and Weight Loss Quotes

"Kelp and Bladderwrack are two of the best weight-reduction plants available. Iodine in Kelp maintains a healthy thyroid, thereby significantly reducing one major cause of obesity" - Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine by Daniel B Mowrey PhD

"Iodine is also indirectly responsible for obesity. The thyroid and sex glands work together, and if an obese person is given iodine as contained in plants, for example, kelp tablets, the thyroid steps up its hormone production. This, in turn, activates the entire metabolism" The Nature Doctor - Dr H.C.A

"Since the thyroid gland controls metabolism, and iodine influences the thyroid, an undersupply of this mineral can result in slow mental reaction, weight gain, and lack of energy" Vitamin Bible By Earl Mindell

"An underactive thyroid can encourage water retention, leading to excess weight and cellulite. Low thyroid function has recently been linked with lethargy and depression. If you tend to have slow digestion and elimination, excess catarrh, or sinus trouble, and generally feel down in the dumps during humid weather, seaweeds high in potassium, calcium, and iodine are for you". Asian Health Secrets by Letha Hadady DAc

"The best sources of dietary iodine, an essential mineral, can be found in seafood and iodized salt. (SEVENTH WAVE NOTE: iodized salt is unnatural, and always highly processed, Celtic Sea Salt however is a natural salt packed with minerals and trace elements) Many people experience symptoms of thyroid dysfunction as they age, such as weight gain, lack of energy, poor mood, etc" Ultimate Anti Aging Program by Gary Null PhD

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