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Natural Sources of Vitamin D - the Sunshine Vitamin

Research has shown a relationship between pain levels and Vitamin D, but only in women. A study of 7,000 British 45 year olds found that a high percentage of women with low levels of vitamin D were experiencing chronic pain. The study didn't establish causation, and more research is needed.
But for everyone, ensuring adequate Vitamin D is essential. It is a fat soluble vitamin that plays many roles. It regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body - essential for healthy bones and teeth. It also protects against disease and supports the immune system.
Known as the sunshine vitamin, 90% of your body's supply comes from sunlight. In Australia where they are blessed with sunshine, but sun protection products are used extensively, one in four people now have a Vitamin D deficiency.  In Europe, as many as half of the population may have a mild deficiency.
Weston A. Price in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", details that the diet of the primitive people he studied contained at least ten times the amount of fat-soluble vitamins as the standard American diet, and this conferred a high immunity to tooth decay and resistance to disease.

Simple Steps to Ensure Adequate Vitamin D

First and foremost - at least 20 minutes in the sunshine twice a week with exposed face and arms (always avoid burning and midday sunshine). Vitamin D from sunshine lasts around 60 days, and must be topped up regularly

Vitamin D is not found in many foods, but try to include those that do in your diet, for example - milk, butter oily fish, shellfish eggs and liver. 

Butter, but in fact, this is one of natures very best sources of vitamins A and D and a real"superfoods!. See the complete butter article.


What About Vitamin D Supplements?

Those with a definite deficiency, and pregnant / nursing mums, would be well advised to discuss their Vitamin D status with their GP or health practitioner. And women in their 40s and over suffering chronic pain, should certainly ask for their Vitamin D levels to be checked.
There are synthetic Vitamin D supplements available, and these may have their place. However, too much Vitamin D in this form can be detrimental, so care needs to be taken. If you're going synthetic, always choose Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) not Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol).
If you want to do it the natural way, then it is the incredible Fermented Cod Liver Oil.   In years gone by, a bottle of Cod Liver Oil was found in most kitchen cupboards, but this traditional supplement lost it's place.

These days, sadly, nearly ALL Cod Liver Oil in the World is molecularly distilled and highly processed. It has to have synthetic vitamins A and D added back because the natural balance is destroyed during the intense industrial processing. EXCEPT one that is - the incredible, and unique Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil. It's fermented using traditional methods combined with the quality and assurance of modern manufacturing process.   It’s the richest known natural source of the valuable vitamins A and D in their most easy to absorb form and is packed with valuable Omega oils. But this is only part of the nutritional story. Also present are an incredible amount of healthy co-factors and nutrients such as quinones vitamin K, vitamin E and CoQ enzymes.
As with all things, balance is essential, and the diet should always include adequate amounts of calcium and magnesium. Likewise, supplementing calcium without sufficient Vitamin D can be detrimental. The nature of this complexity is why you will not find isolated vitamins at Seventh Wave, the most effective way to supplement the diet is with broad spectrum supplements that provide a full range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more.

What About Vegetarians and Vegans?

Chlorella is a totally natural, plant based supplement with some Vitamin D, and an exciting point about this product is that Vitamin D is supplied in perfect balance with for example calcium and magnesium, but also many other nutrients. It is a complete "multi-vitamin and mineral", but being totally natural, is a far superior way to supplement the diet than synthetic multis.

Bee Pollen also provides some Vitamin D in a totally natural form.

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