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17 Signs of Good Health and Vitality

“Good health" is a phrase often used, but how healthy are we really?  

These 17 signs are clear indications of a strong foundation of health.

If you can tick all these boxes -  FANTASTIC!!


  •  Clear, bright skin and eyes
  •  Strong teeth, gums, nails and hair
  •  Fresh breath and body odour
  •  Meals are digested with ease – no gas, bloating, heartburn etc
  •  Feeling energised when you wake, good energy level through the day
  •  Regular, healthy bowel movements
  •  Clear urination
  •  Wounds and bruises heal quickly
  •  Joints and muscles flex with ease
  •  Efficient circulation
  •  Consistent temperature
  •  Free from cravings for certain types of food and drink
  •  Able to maintain a suitable weight for your height and build
  •  Rarely affected by colds, flu and other infections
  •  Clear and focused thinking, good memory and concentration
  •  Even and balanced temper
  •  Able to tolerate stress well


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