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Changes to the Seventh Wave Branded products 2018


 NEW BRANDS NOW IN STOCK - all additive free - we will never compromise!

Ginger Root  Pure, High quality.

Turmeric organic, high quality, great price.

Acerola Cherry a higher concentrate than ours in a handy letterbox friendly packet, providing a 2 month supply

Serrapeptase a firm favourite with our customers for many years, this new brand matches our own in every way. High strength, additive and enteric free for the BEST results 

Glucosamine and Chondroitin hugely popular with many of our customers, you will continue to enjoy the same benefits as before  

The new Chlorella matches our incredible specifications, most on the market are Vulgaris, not organic, or not cracked cell and is already proving a big hit with many of our customers 

Our Supergreen Probiotic is in powder form under the Australian manufacturers label.  Higher price initially, but far more fermented foods for your bucks! We're so excited about the increased benefits taking more in this powder form.  Fermented foods are the future for health. 

We are over the moon to have found a new Barley Grass Juice Powder and it's the same one we stocked for 11 years from the Utah Desert - the best of the best Barley Juice. 

The new  Olive Leaf is a different extraction, and whilst not as rich in bioflavonoids and without the lovely natural vitamin C, it is higher in oleuropein. A fabulous quality product you will get great results from.  And in letterbox friendly packaging it will pop through the door easily. 

The new Fish Oil Fish Oil is such a nutritional fundamental, fresh is best, but supplements can be so important. 

The new CoQ10 is a lovely product - naturally fermented in base of coconut oil which helps absorption.  And another letterbox friendly option. We love fermented foods, they can be life changing, and if over 50, this is a key heart friendly product. 

The new Bee Pollen is Certified Organic and matches the same high quality as our own brand, from the same region of Spain and is fresh and tasty - Letter box Friendly packaging 

The new Kelp is also Certified Organic, from a clean and sustainable supply 

Garlic Organically certified 

Mastic Gum - Gentle and safe for gastrointestinal health.

Hawthorn Berries - Potent antixidants and bioflavanoids

And our final new health friend is from an old friend - we've worked with the Dr Wolz company for over a decade. And now we have their Royal Jelly with the added power of the amazing Zell OxygenWe've sold Zell for 11 years, and our own brand of Royal Jelly. Now we have these two amazing natural supplements in one combined supplement. Just imagine what that can do for your energy levels and well being!


Here's What Happened to the Seventh Wave Range

2007 - we were pioneers. The UK's FIRST totally natural and additive free range.
2018 - the fast paced, aggressive health industry has ALMOST defeated us.


Life Changing - our range has always been the best (GMP standards). The purest (100% additive free). The most effective. We're so proud to have looked after so many people, to have improved so many lives. We wanted to change the world.  Perhaps we did so, just a little. 

It's been a battle - we survived two worldwide recessions, attacks from unethical competitors, the Food Supplements Directive of 2010, the Traditional Herbal Directive of 2011 and much more besides.

For the first 5 years we grew rapidly year on year. Then the marketplace began to change beyond all measure.  Today we swim in a sea of thousands of competitors, bolder than ever, many with massive investment.  Pharmaceutical companies with marketing budgets the size of small countries own many of the "supplement" companies. Unsurprisingly they campaigned heavily for the legislation that destroyed many small herbal companies.  

Finally, Brexit has beaten us into submission. Soaring raw material costs and unstable markets have left our small manufacturer increasingly struggling to maintain supplies.  The situation could not be salvaged.

Here's the Quick Shop page with a status update on each product. See individual product pages for further detail at the top of each page.


The Next Wave - we ARE still here for you.  Still delivering the best possible service and constant FREE information to help you experience better health and vitality... naturally.  We worked hard to create a model so we can continue to look after our customers.  We've sourced other options for you which are now available. Unfortunately some of our previous range is not on the market in a suitable quality and additive free - some products have been completely lost.  We will NEVER compromise on quality, if it's not available without additives, we simpy won't stock it.  But we hope to bring on some exciting new ones. The other guest brands we've always stocked such as the amazing Fermented Cod Liver OilZell Oxygen and the healthy Celtic Salt are not affected and the health equipment also remains. 

If you have any questions, we are here to help and support you as always Contact Page

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Some replacements are now online are - Acerola, Chlorella, Fish Oil and Olive Leaf, Q10, Serrapeptase, Ginger Root, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Kelp, Garlic, Bee Pollen, Supergreen Probiotic, Turmeric and Barley Grass Juice Powder, Mastic Gum and Hawthorn - More to follow shortly including exciting NEW additions to the range

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