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Diets and Detox, Facts and Fiction

Firstly, a very happy new year to you and yours, the whole team wish you great health and happiness in the coming year.   So, it’s 2009, and thoughts turn to changes, resolutions, and looking at improving our health and vitality.  Nothing new there then! Also not new is the yearly media surge in various organisations declaring that “detox” diets and products are a nonsense.
Leading the way in the press this year, is the organisation Sense About Science, a group with a somewhat questionable philosophy, pro GM, pro the use of chemicals in the modern environment, and very much opposed to the principles of natural health.
Undoubtedly, the huge range of Detox products is staggering, they range from the downright silly "detox hair straighteners", to the more evidence based natural supplements and herbals. Certainly it’s easy to see why people can get their teeth into this issue and whip up a media storm.
In one report we saw, it was proclaimed, “the quacks won’t take this lying down”. What a great shame that the negative column inches, detract from one of the most important issues in the modern world – improving diet and nutrition, and protecting long term health.
Basically, common sense, moderation and simple, easy to manage changes are the keys to a fresh new you.  Whilst some seek an exacting, scientific definition of what detox really means (and there are those that can provide this), for most of us, a simple understanding and concept is all that’s needed.
There are examples of products using the word detox on tenuous grounds, but the media coverage is detracting from the simplicity and intent of what most us perceive detox to mean on a practical level.
A New Year detox can simply mean the process of cleansing the body with the very best nutrition and common sense steps. Why should it need to be any more than that?
Many of us indulge in fine food and beverages that aren’t normally on the menu during the Christmas period, and in moderation, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this! It is also perfectly natural that following the festive period, that we would want to make positive changes in our lifestyle, and to start the New Year in the way we mean to go on.
Some will argue that your liver and kidneys do a fantastic job of eliminating toxins from the body, and that your gut works hard to keep bacteria and toxins at bay. They say that no more action is needed on the part of the individual. If this is the case, then you have to wonder why degenerative disease is soaring in the Western World? There can be no doubt that the modern diet, toxic environment, and lack of trace minerals and elements all play a significant role.
Yes, your body is a masterpiece, and works wonders at keeping you healthy, but a little insurance is important for us all if we want to maintain optimum health (which is not, as Hippocrates said, simply the absence of disease).
For most people, some simple lifestyle changes are all that’s needed!
The Simple Way to Detox

  • Boost your water intake to 1.5 – 2 litres a day, it really is a simple, but vital step to cleanse your body (preferably mineral, or correctly filtered water), drink herbal teas if you find plain water difficult
  • Eliminate processed foods, especially those containing hydrogenated fats and chemical additives
  • Get more sleep, take some early nights to replenish your body
  • Pack your diet with vegetables to ensure maximum natural nutrients
  • Increase your intake of beans and pulses
  • A healthy breakfast is a must, “breaking the fast” is a critical step in kick starting your metabolism for the day
  • Get moving – exercise is essential for your body to do all of it’s vital work effectively
  • Try and incorporate at least some raw food into your diet, this can pay dividends for your all round health and vitality. Raw, juiced vegetables are literally fantastic for cleansing your system. A totally raw food diet is a step too far for many people, but there are a wealth of resources available on the internet if this is an approach you want to experiment with this year
  • And it goes without saying to cut down on caffeine and alcohol, your body will thank you for it!

Supplements for Detox
The key products we suggest for an all round health boost, cleanse, and yes, dare we say, detox are packed with an array of natural nutrients they contain will be a significant aid to getting healthy in 2009. Chlorella and Barley Grass would be our favourites as a cleanse. Supergreen Probiotic is a great way to clear the digestive system.
If you have plans to get slim this year, please do see our Simple Slimming Guide
Good luck in your journey to optimum health in 2009.

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