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Stress Awareness Month - Ease Your Worries - Naturally


Stress almost seems normal today doesn't it, and yet it shouldn't be.  But the demands of modern living can be intense, for a number of reasons.  And at times in our life, things just get out of hand when too much pressure comes to bear.

Positive pressure helps us to perform and achieve. But long terms stress can be devasating.  It's estimated that around 80% of ALL doctors visits these days are due to stress related issues.  

It's vital to know exactly where your thresholds are and to take action to reduce your stress before things spiral. Never ever underestimate how important this is. 

So here's a look at some ideas to help you...


Let's Start with Good Food

Eating well is crucial.  If there is only one thing you can focus on make it your food, and make it the best you can afford.  And picking the wrong types of food actually places stress on the body. Eat out and take time to look after yourself if you can.  At the very least make meal times special whether alone or with friends and family.  

Pack in the fresh fruit and vegetables. The omega oils in fresh fish (if not vegetarian) will really help you.  If fish isn’t your thing, consider supplement fish oil form.  Omega oils are known to help mind and mood, and worth noting that those countries with a diet high in fish, have lower rates of depression. 

The B vitamins are depleted quickly when stress is at play.  And because they are so vital for the nervous system and keeping your system calm, this is a simple strategy that really helps.  In our opinion, Zell Oxygen is the most wonderful natural B complex in the world and is highly recommended. It's also packed with natural amino acids that will help serotonin levels.

Magnesium is a major mineral to help your body cope with stress. It’s involved with over 300 processes in the body, and 80% of people are deficient! Interestingly this is the same percentage as stress related illnesses. How interesting! The best forms are avocado, leafy greens,  dark chocolate, kefir, fish, and dairy produce.  For supplements, Kelp is a wonderful natural source. 

And we know the gut and the mind are closely related, so lots of fermented foods and probiotics. Read more on this specifically in Probiotics and Anxiety.


Get Moving

When we are busy. It's easy to miss out exercise. But the busier you are, the more space you need to create for healthy movement.  If you're at a screen all day, or driving for example, this in itself causes physical and mental stress. Get moving and you will feel better.  Stress can float away when you walk in nature, or swim, or enjoy nyoga, whatever it may be.  We LOVE the idea of Forest Bathing  - a beautiful way to reduce stress.


Yoga and Tai Chi

We feel very strongly that the holistic input of these two forms of exercise in particular are incredibly valuable.  Some people may prefer one or the other, incorporating both will be more powerful.  They are suitable for almost all ages and health levels.  

If you are going to choose just one for helping at times of stress, we would recommend Tai Chi.  Just a few minutes a day will help, but if you can make room for longer, results will be better.  The very lovely people at Tai Chi nation offer a very authentic introduction, and it’s free!

Rest and Relax

From movement, we move to relaxation.  Sounds easy doesn’t it, but when caught up in what can be a very destructive cycle of stress, it can be easier said than done.  Exercise will actually help the relaxation process!

How do you relax? Do you ever really relax? This may be intricately woven into the very problem you are facing.  That “wired but tired” feeling is a warning sign you need to take some time out.   

So you need to find the things that genuinely relax you, and just try, and keep trying.  It might be TV, or reading a book, or walking on the beach, or visiting friends, or eating out, or a visit to the cinema, or listening to music.  Or perhaps indulging your creative side in drawing, arranging flowers, photography or whatever appeals might work for you. 

At the very least, try drawing those curtains, and get some relaxing candles and essential oils on the go, you might like to add some relaxing music.  Even if your mind fights these ideas initially, they should not be underestimated. Keep doing them day in day out, and they will help. we promise 

But whatever it is, you are important in all this, so make time for yourself and try and make it special.  Again, we understand all this isn’t necessarily easy, but...

“if you can’t, you must” - Anthony Robbins. 


Scientifically proven to help stress, And these days there are so many wonderful resources on apps and online.  Many of them are free, or just a few pounds. Incredible value considering how significant the benefits can be.   



There is a reason that many suddenly experience illnesses on retirement.  That lack of purpose, connection to dreams and projects and other people is significant.  So this is something to think about at all stages of life.  Having greater purpose helps reduce stress.  Are you giving? How are you contributing to the world, and society, could you do more outside of your immediate circle? lThis giving of value can dramatically impact on stress levels.


Find Your Joy

What could you do to make you feel truly happy and joyful? Do you know what it is even? This can be an amazing journey to find your joy. And you CAN fit this in to a busy life.  Find it, make time for it, and keep your joy in your like combined with gratitude, and you will be better able to cope with the stress life throws at you. 


Breathe Well

"One way to break up any kind of tension is good deep breathing” Byron Nelson. If you feel yourself boiling over, take some time, and get good breathing going to make a shift on your physical system.  Stress can change breathing patterns dramatically as can poor posture - and with many people spending hours at a computer, this can create a vicious circle.  Even 5 minutes a day of healthy breathing can really help your parasympathetic nervous system.

Here's a really simple technique that is easier to put into practice than the very vague concept of "breathe deeply".

Alternate nostril breathing is an ancient technique known in both yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.  Whilst very easy to learn and practice, this can be incredibly effective at soothing the mind and nervous system. It is great as a relaxant and and even as an insomnia tool you can use whilst lying in bed!

  • Place your right thumb over your right nostril.
  • Breathe slowly through your left nostril and pause
  • Place a finger over the left nostril, and release your right nostril
  • Exhale smoothly and gently through your right nostril
  • Inhale gently through the right nostril and pause
  • Close right nostril again with your thumb
  • Exhale smoothly and gently through your left nostril
  • Continue this left to right for a few minutes


There are other wonderful breathing exercises to be found in the yoga arts that you may wish to explore with a qualified practitioner.

Any questions, or any help needed do let us know. Follow us on Facebook for lots more FREE articles.


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