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The Health Benefits of Naturally Chelated Minerals

Your body requires over 90 different nutrients to function properly, minerals are an important aspect of this delicate balance. As your body cannot manufacture minerals, your body relies on the foods you eat, and of course any health supplements you may add.
You can supplement with isolated, inorganic minerals, but chelated minerals are far more effective and naturally chelated minerals even more desirable.
When a mineral is chelated, it is bound to an amino acid and the two compounds are closely associated. Amino acids are easily absorbed, and because the two remain together, your body can make maximum nutritional use of the mineral.
Many synthetic supplements (for more on natural verus synthetic click here) claim to be chelated. Certainly some may be subject to the intense scientific processes to achieve this complex end result. However, if shortcuts are taken, and an inorganic mineral is simply mixed with amino acids, the product will not be stable, and is certainly not a true chelate.

The Best Way to Obtain Chelated Minerals

Despite the remarkable advances in modern science, laboratories cannot come close to replicating the synergy of nature.  When you choose a broad spectrum supplement, the minerals are naturally chelated, and extremely bio-available.  They can never be matched by a synthetic mineral supplement.
There are several options available to you in the Broad Spectrum Range. Each offers exceptional nutrition, and the final choice is really one of personal preference. Some people choose to add just one or two products to their nutritional programme.  If you need any help in selecting which supplement might suit you best, please do get in touch, we are always here to help.

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