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Get Rid of Gas - Naturally!

Gas. One of those seemingly silly things.  Yet if you suffer from it a lot, can be embarrasing, worrying, and very draining. It can also get VERY uncomfortable, suprisingly so.  Some are always prone to it. Some develop it due to underlying issues. And some ladies find it a new thing when they enter peri, or full menopause

So let's take a look at what we can do naturally to ease your gas.


Apple Cider Vinegar

This really works, and has so many digestive benefits. Make sure you buy the raw, unpasteurised kind with the "mother". Sounds strange, but so much better than the processed forms.  Add a couple of teaspoons to a glass of water, and enjoy before a meal, and you might be suprised how much it helps and it will support the entire digestive process too. 


Peppermint Tea

Simple yet effective for gas, refreshing too and gets your hydration up. 


Chamomile Tea

Another simple addition to your day, and in studies, has been found to add years to life! With so many benefits, add a cup or two a day. Especially in ladies for some reason.


Bicarbonate of Soda

Something we all have in the cupboard, and really helpful for gas. 



Although this won't have so much impact during a gas attack as some of the others, adding regularly can help reduce gas in the longer term, so worth trying. We have a whole herb ginger, or you add ginger to meals of course. But a capsule is certainly convenient. 


Fermented Foods 

These will really help your whole digestive system and create balance, we LOVE these foods, they are so healing for the gut.  Here is our in depth fermented foods article.


Get Moving

When some gas is trapped, movement can really help. Just walking can be really effective, or there are some specific yoga moves that will work if it's stubborn. 


Get Relaxed

Stress can make a huge difference to gas. It can create cramping and muscular tension that will impact directly on gas.  And when we are tight in our body, our breathing changes, and this too can affect gas. Find those things that work for you - yoga, tai chi, drawing, a warm, bath, whatever it is incorporate things that help your mind and body.


Slow Down

Chewing food well and slwing down your eating will really help, trty to make this a habit if gas is an issue for you. 

We hope this is of some help, any questions, of course let us know. For 12 years we've been helping people feel better... naturally!  See the full range here.

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