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Forest Bathing - The Health Practice of Shinrin-yoku


Even without knowing what it is - deson't Forest Bathing sound wonderful!

We delved in on hearing this term, and discovered the world of Shinrin-yoku, it translates as "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing."

It is the practice of stepping into nature for health and healing, specifically of course into a forest. 

Since the 80s, this has been growing in popularity in Japan.The Japanese are far healthier than us, and they have always integrated holistic type practices into their lives. And they live longer than us because of it. 

But Forest Bathing is now spreading across the World, and here now in the UK more are experiencing the benefits.

Again, this is one of those areas we don't really need science, but it IS lovely when the science supports what we know in our hearts and minds, that being in nature heals and restores.  Forest Bathing is so popular in Japan, that scientists have carried out specific trials on why being surrounded by trees might be beneficial.

Various studies have reported better immune system, lower blood pressure and stress, better mood, energy, friendships, focus and sleep. These are all far reaching benefits, and all things that most of us are seeking, or at least, certainly need. 

And with the Woodland Trust working hard at the moment to protect trees and forests in the UK with their new #standupfortrees campaign, and considering the many varied benefits for health, the environment, and wildlife, then what better time to take up Forest Bathing! 

So find a forest - go walk, and breathe, do it slowly, take it in, and feel the benefits. Look up with awe, and take that awe into your heart and improve your health. 


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