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Love Your Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a foundation for good health.  But something we tend not to think about too much.  It protects your immune system, and cleanses the whole body through a huge and complex network of  hundreds of nodes, vessels, glands and organs all filled with fluid.  

When the system fails, some serious conditions can occur including cancer. So for everyone, keeping the system operating beautifully will ensure good and vibrant health. Some signs you have a so called stagnant lymph system are stiff joints, fatigue, dry skin, cold hands and feet and ear nose and throat issues. Now of course these are all issues associated with certain conditions especially for example Fibromyalgia.  But we can say that all these conditions will benefit from cleansing the lymph system, so it all goes hand in hand for health and healing.  

Luckily it's quite easy to look after the lymph system.



This is key. The lymph is around 95% water. So you need good hydration. Water and herbal teas are best. But lemon water is especially good for cleansing the liver and lymph,   How to tell if you need more fluids? Check your urine colour - it should be pale straw colour. Darker than this then you need to drink more!


Get Moving! 

Breathing and movement powers the whole system.  Many many people breathe too shallow. And issues such as poor posture can massivly affect both breathing which flushes the lymph, and the lymph system directly. With so many of us working long hours at computers, this is becoming more and more of an issue.  So, get moving, get exercising his will help your breathe and get that lymph moving. Don't sit for longer than 20 minutes at a time. And try to walk for 20 minutes a day - this is THE best for the lymph - simple yet effective. But find the sort of movement you love, and get moving! 


Get Sweating

Sweating is good for you! It Cleanses the system.  So good movement will do this, but not everyone can exercise hard enough to break a sweat.  So an occasional saunu has some excellent benefits. 



Oh we LOVE rebounding. Such a simple and fun way to exercise.  Literally, just bounce for 10 - 15 minutes a day, do it for two weeks, and we promise you will feel different.  And one of the major reasons is that this is the most effective and incredible way to get the lymph system moving.  And also so good for your circulation, muscle tone and waistline. Bounce your way to health!


Dry brushing

Another really simple thing to do, just a few minutes a day before a shower with a body brush does wonders for the lymphatic system, and so good for your skin too. One of those amazing simple health habits that if you make it something you do regularly can really have good impact.


Lymph Massage

A little more expensive, but as a real treat, this is an amazing way to get things moving. It is known that this can get as much as 70% of stagnant lymph moving more effectively. And not only that, you will feel wonderful. So if you can find a specialist lymph masseur, give it a go. 


Go Natural

And finally, always choose natural and real foods to support all systems in the body.  




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