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How They Sold Us the Sugar

Wow, look at this image we just found! We found a reference to sugar once being promoted as a weight loss aid, and found this. Quite astonishing. 

We often talk about how the big junk food companies are at the Government table advising on food policy.  With half of the UK obese (the worst in Western Europe), this is insanity.  We should have changemakers and chefs and nutritionists at the table, not junk food sellers!

This week is Salt Awareness Week. Real salt is real food. It is vital for health, and so good for you.  Low salt can be very dangerous, especially for some groups.  

So Salt is being demonised.  And yet the Government is holding industrys hand and asking for sugar reductions. Which will mean even more artificial sweeteners, which are even worse.

But this image says a lot about how we got here doesnt it!

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