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Ultra Processed food Packed with Additives Cancer Risk

A huge amount of coverage across the media yesterday on the second report in as many weeks on the issues surrounding ultra processed foods.  A startling 50% of the UK shopping basket is now ultra processed, and note this ultra, not just plain old processed!

We pioneered additive free supplements ten years ago.  Additives have no place in our food or our supplements. With real food and real supplements we can all live healthier, happier lives, and save the NHS millions. It really isn't rocket science. 

And it's no revelation to hear the cancer risk associated with these cheap foods. Yes we all live demanding difficult lives, but we can have quick, easy, tasty and healthy...omelette anyone?! 

Researchers highlight in this new study that more research is needed. Any we agree, then again, do we really need years of expensive trials to tell us things are going horribly wrong when it comes to food. Do we really need scientists to study that "neoformed contaminants with carcinogenic properties" have no place in a food that is making up 50% of the shopping basket?

There are so many additives in these ultra processed foods, and scientists have indicated it is the complex, combined cocktail effect of all of the additives that is the issue. And this is equally true for health supplements packed with additives. Have you looked at your supplement label lately? That why our customers love the Seventh Wave Range for its absolute purity which makes for natural effectiveness. 

We will continue to keep fighting on this additive issue, it is so important. Sometimes we feel we're fighting a losing battle on the additive issue. Ultra processed wasn't even a phrase ten years ago, and it can be hard not to feel it's getting worse. But we've been writing about processed foods for  decade, and will continue to do so. 

And, the tide IS turning. There is a resurgence of real food, artisan producers,  a return to simply loving food and all the ways to enjoy it. And treasuring our bodies with natural food and natural supplements. And long may it be so.

Do help us spread the word about our additive free range of supplements, it can be a tough battle fighting the multimillion marketing budgets from those who would have us living on a diet of contaminants and carcinogens! 

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