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Muscle Twitching - the Causes and Cures

Muscle twitching will affect most people at some point in their life. It may be very mild, and for very short periods of time. It might just be a little eye twitch, or affect many muscles. It may be intermittent, or long standing with the potential to be both frustrating and worrying.

It is VERY rare for muscle twitching to indicate, or develop into any of the serious conditions that can cause some people concern such as ALS or Parkinson's for example. Very rare, but of course talk to your GP if you have concerns. But typically, muscle twitching is "normal" and is very very common and in young and very healthy people too! So let's look at the issues.


Benign Fasciculation Syndrome

This is a fairly general term for muscle twitching. But often this is caused by other issues which we will look at below.  But your GP will often refer to your twitching as this.  Again, and very important if you are worrying, do note that this is a benign syndrome.  Potentially very difficult, but does not mean you have any sort of neurological disorder.  There can also sometimes be some cramping and tingling.  In many people, it is present for weeks, months or occasionally years, and then will simply stop.  In others they may get bouts of it over life. It can be the same muscles, or in some people it will move all over the body.  Often it can be most noticeable on waking, or just before you fall asleep., but certainly when resting.  This is in part because it will be more noticeable, but also your nerves and muscles are still busy, and working on standby.



This very tricky condition causes many symptoms. Muscle twitching is common.  It may come and go a little, and doesn't affect everyone with fibro.  The standard nutritional approach will help this. And one of the first things you will typically see improvements on is this issue.  Read our Fibromyalgia page.


Stress and Anxiety

The modern world is demanding, and puts a lot of pressure on our adrenal system and mental health.  And this in itself can cause twitching.  And a negative cycle can occur, especially in someone prone to anxiety. The more you focus on the muscles twitching, the more they can do so.  Now this is not to dismiss the issue, because it is very real.  But your body is giving you a very clear signal that you need to rest.  For anyone prone to this, if you feel muscles starting to twitch, then you must give yourself some downtime. Here's a list of resources on stress and anxiety to help and support you. 


Vitamin Deficiencies

Magnesium deficiency has huge potential to cause twitching.  And it is also associated with an iron deficiency, and a vitamin D deficiency  Good baseline nutrition is vital, so we would especailly recommend you add chlorella which gives you some natural plant based coverage on all these key nutrients, and that quite rare when it comes to iron and vitamin D



This sometimes challenging time for women can bring an array of symptoms, and this is one that many women report.  The endocrine system is under pressure, and just as stress and fatigue can cause muscle twitches, this can too, it's just another type of pressure.  See our support articles on perimenopause, and you can also select a FREE hormone plan with orders. 


Gluten Intolerance

Now, this is a little controversial, and is routed mainly in personal stories we've seen documented, but some do report that cutting out gluten has improved muscle twitching significantly.  We would LOVE to hear from you if this has been the case for you. Personal stories can help everyone.



And finally, this is an issue weight lifters can experience as a result of training.  It's almost the muscles giving themselves some self massage after your work out! But simply monitor, and you may find reducing the weight may help.  



So as you can see, lots of potential reasons. And this is why it affects so many people. But, sometimes, this frustrating issue is just one of those things.  The human body is incredibly complex, and sometimes we just don't have the answers to all the random phenomenon that occur. But do address the issues above if relevant. Try not to worry. Love your life be fit and healthy and look after yourself, and you may find the issue just goes away.

As always, we are here to help and support you on any questions you may have about living more naturally. We've been the UK's additive free supplement company for over ten years, and love helping people feel better, naturally! Get in touch!

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