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Calming your Costochondritis Naturally

This condition that causes pain in the ribcage (which can extend into the arms for some) can range from mild to totally debilitating. It is very common in those with Fibromyalgia. For some people it is a one off issue and can be caused by an injury, or excessive coughing or sneezing for example. For others it is longstanding and or reoccurring with short or long term flares, and is often affected by the weather and stress.

The cartilage in the rib cage becomes inflamed, and with so much movement in this area of the body, a cycle of pain and tension can become very deeply set.  It can for some people affect the breathing. With pain being located in the chest, it is often great cause for concern leading people to believe it is related to the heart. Of course if you have any chest pain, you MUST discuss with your GP as a priority. If you have established that Costochondritis is the issue, then let's see what we can do, naturally.


Vitamin D

First and foremost, get your vitamin D levels checked. It is often the case in those with this horrid condition that levels are very low and it makes the pain far worse. A simple blood test will confirm, then you can take steps to up your levels - see this article.



Applying heat packs and hot water bottles will provide huge relief, easy and effective.


Reduce Stress

When in a flare, you need to give your body some down time to relax. Do not underestimate how important this is. Take this step early in a flare, and you can prevent matters worsening. If you are prone to anxiety, this will make this condition much worse as anxiety creates muscle tension; so you need to take care of yourself, and take the steps you find to soothe your mind and body. Additionally there can be a connection between anxiety and inflammation, and this may be directly relevant in your case. 


Improve your Posture

A stooped posture, or long hours can cause this condition, and will certainly make it worse. So if there is a lesson Costochondritis has for you, it is to address these lifestyle issues if these are a factor for you.


Physical Therapy

This is one condition where physical therapy will really help. Various types of massage will suit, but we especially recommend deep tissue / lymph drainage massage. But also Swedish or Chinese massage or even a more traditional sports physio type approach can help. Try and find someone with experience with this tricky condition. In some cases, there may be a rib out of alignment, and for this, osteopathic or chiropractic treatment may be highly beneficial.

You can also use a foam roller yourself at home, and try and find the tender "trigger points" and work with them. You will find lots of useful videos on youtube, but there is quite a lot you can do yourself.  Find those points, and they will hurt, often really hurt, but you can get a lot of relief by working with the sore areas. But go gently especially initially. 


Check your exercise

There are noted occurrences of this condition with those lifting a lot of weights and placing strain on the rib cage, likewise certain movements such as planks may not help. So you may need to make some adjustments when experiencing a flare up.



Because there is inflammation, we strongly recommend you add Serrapeptase, and also Turmeric and Ginger if you can. These will help settle everything down, BUT you must take the steps above. Also see the Inflammation article.

If you need any further help, or have questions, please let us know. We've been supporting our customers to better health naturally for over ten years. Our range of health supplements are totally additive free, and so effective.

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