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The Inflammation Cycle and What to Do


The majority of health conditions have an inflammatory element - many are made up entirely of the inflammation response.  And in fact, nearly everyone has some inflammation - the sooner we address this, the sooner we can live healthier happier lives.  

Typically pain relief is given for inflammation, but the underlying cause of the inflammation is not addressed. Pain relief can be important, in part so not to create an over-reaction in the sympathetic nervous system.  But pain killers are riddled with issues and side effects.  Recently a stark risk was issued on Ibuprofen for example. So care and balance is needed, but they can have a place. 

But meanwhile, the inflammation continues. And so a cycle is created. Inflammation can flare / worsen. More pain relief is needed.  The gut becomes unbalanced.  The mind becomes tired. Sleep patterns can change. Anxiety may occur. Even worse, depression in itself, leading to more inflammation. A self perpetuating crisis within the body can take hold.

So, we must address the underlying issues...


Soothe the Gut 

This is major.  You must take the steps to look after your gut - you are the gatekeeper of your ecosytem, and you must defend it well.  There's very strong science on the links between the gut and the mind and the inflammatory response.  The mechanisms are complex, and we're only just beginning to understand them.  There seems to be a deep communication system between the gut and the mind and the subsequent inflammation. There are an incredible 10x more outside organisms than our own human cells - itis VITAL to protect this system and keep it in balance.  Most of this bacteria lives in the digestive system.  

You MUST eat a natural diet to have a healthy functioning digestive system to create a protective microbiome.  Eliminate inflammatory foods and anything you are sensitive to.  

And then we need to add in the bacteria that are friends to our system and create a happy flora. 

So pack in those fermented foods - they are the most amazing natural probioticsTry to get as many different strains as you can - the wider the variety the better.  Kefir, yoghurt, sauurkraut, pickles, salt ferment veggies, tempeh, miso, explore them and have fun, you could dramatically change your life.  And add the incredible Supergreen Probiotic.  

We know that probiotics help anxiety and those with depression can make big changes when the gut is healed.  And we know inflammation is involved in both of these mind issues as well as most physical conditions.  It's a fascinating subject. 

If you are experiencing high levels of inflammation, anxiety or depression, try probiotic foods and supplements for a 2 - 3 months, and report back the changes to us. You might be surprised. In fact, your life may change completely.  Many of the next steps have direct impact on the gut as well - it's all connected. 


Synergise with Supplements

While you soothe the gut, synergise the process with the two major supplements for breaking down the physical inflammation in the system.  There are two keys here.  Add Serrapeptase and Turmeric. Both have exciting properties.  Both are totally natural.  And like our entire range, ours are completely additive free.  Because really, why would you want additives in your health supplements! We've been additive free for ten years. And Turmeric interestingly has superb properties for the digestive system and the mind - so once again, there is that gut mind connection.


Step Away From the Sugar

Refined sugar is a major factor for many people with inflammation. If you only take one step in the healing process, please stop using refined sugar.  And that includes artificial sweeteners, make no mistake, these have no place in the human body.  This simple change can yield incredible changes for your body.  Your sweet tooth WILL change if you give it chance to do so.  Eat real food is one of the greatest steps you can take in life for you and your family. 



The modern lifestyle is an inflammatory making machine.  So look at your lifestyle and make the changes you need to make. Stress creates cortisol, this hormone affects the immune system, gut and blood sugars negatively.  This is a complex issue.  One person's pressure is another person's drive and motivation.  So be truthful with yourself, look at your life. What is it you need?  How do you relax, do you ever relax?

There are so many ways to address stress, but you must find what works for you. Meditation, tai chi and yoga are top of our list for most people, so effective, so many ways to incorporate them, and so much science  backing them up.  Not for you? What about walking, painting, reading.  More sleep, more exercise.  We can help and support you, but ultimately, you must find your perfect formula that helps you settle more smoothly in the flow of your life.



Not just cortisol surging, in some ladies, the estrogen can get out of control too. And this imbalance can lead to inflammation, but the inflammation itself can create hormone imbalance, there's that cycle again.  So it may be worth adding wild yam if your menstrual cycle is unbalanced, our you're experiencing peri, or menopause.  And we have a free food guide to flush excess estrogen here. 


Fish is Your Friend

Fresh fish comes first, get as much into your diet as you can.  The anti-inflammatory properties of omega oils are well documented.  But we understand some don't like to eat fish, so add a fish oil supplement.  And for our vegans, the idea of this gives you horror! So for vegans, add the Hemp Oil


Fats are Fantastic

Lots of natural fats are key to healing inflammation in the body.  The low fat nonsense we are fighting is part of why we are seeing more and more inflammatory type conditions.  So real food, real fats, for the full run down on this, See Feel Fantastic With the Right Fats


Fast Those Markers Down

We know fasting can reduce inflammatory markers by reducing the production of inflammatory leukotrienes.  And it is something you can grow to love, honestly.  And it is also wonderful for your immune system and waistline.  Once or twice a week, and loving your food that little bit more on other days (not more of it, but more love for it) is all you need to do to reduce those markers. Have fun with fasting and enjoy. A challenge not a chore!

So this is the model when the inflammation cycle has taken hold in your body. Take action, a little action every day, and you WILL see improvements. Take radical action, and within weeks you can start to feel dramatically better.


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