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The Frustration of Fibromyalgia

We've been helping people feel better naturally for over 10 yrs!

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Fibromyalgia is one of the most frustrating and tricky conditions. Some GPs refuse to even acknowledge it despite many, many people, women especially presenting with an array of serious symptoms. Thankfully awareness is growing but we must keep pushing for more support and awareness.

Symptoms vary tremendously, but pain througout the body, muscle tension and twitching (often very painful to touch), brain fog and fatigue are the most common, but there are many others, and each person can vary.  There are 14 - 18 tender points associated with this condition.  Some are affected so badly that even getting out of bed can be a challenge. 

With 9 out of 10 cases being women, it's no surprise there can be a hormonal and emotional element to this dreadful condition.   But it's very complicated, and the underlying reasons vary.  Additionally Fibromyalgia is common alongside certain conditions in particular type 2 diabetes, IBS, those on hemodialysis or with Behcet syndrome.

You CAN get better, you CAN get improvements and good results do happen. One of our own team members who had terrible bouts of Fibromyalgia in the past has made a full recovery.  We've been helping people with this for 10 yrs now. We're always here for you with free advice, support, and a range of additive free supplements that suit very sensitive people.

So here's a look at some steps you can take, naturally.


Vitamin D

Step 1 - insist your GP checks your levels; often they won't, or this is completely missed.  And this can be an absolute fundamental issue for those with Fibromyalgia.  So ask, insist if needs be, and again if they refuse!  And see the supporting article on getting your Vitamin D naturally.  This simple step can be life changing.  Please make it an absolute priority.


Stress and Trauma

Trauma in life can have far reaching consequences, and we read a very interesting piece recently about childhood trauma causing illness in later life.  It is really worth a read if you feel this might be relevant to you.  Many first experience fibromyalgia after significant periods of upset in their lives. And those prone to it, will always be vulnerable to a flare up when under stress and pressure. 


Lean OUT

This may seem strange, but this condition is complex. The more you lean INTO it, the worse it gets.  As you get more tired, more tense, so more muscles contract, a tension loop is created. Anxiety can occur. The parasympathetic nervous system gets over active.  A negative feedback loop is created and makes the pain worse.  So, we have to learn to lean OUT and away. The less we focus on fibromyalgia, the better it is.  Observe it, but don't engage with it, we know this helps; the holistic methods below WILL help you. And especially when you lean OUT, and break some of these loops.  You must also believe you can gain improvements.  We absolutely promise you that you can resolve this condition and get better.  You will always be prone to flare ups yes, but careful management and positive lifestyle changes work. 



And because of this relationship with the parasympathetic nervous system, meditation is one of the most important things you can do.  Do not underestimate how powerful and effective this is. It can be very difficult to start, to quiet the mind, but add 10 minutes a day and you may be surpised how much it helps. The science is incredibly compelling as are the personal accounts of improvements in health. There are lots of apps you can buy and you can do this no matter how ill you feel. Even if confined to bed or the sofa, you can listen to guided meditations. Create a healthy habit and make it part of your day, it really can create change in your tired body. 


Taking Care

Take care of yourself. Sounds so easy doesn't it, but when in the cycle of a condition like this, especially when GPs won't help, this can be difficult in itself.  Seek support, and take care to find the sort of holistic healing that suits YOU.  And this will vary, it could be massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, walking in nature, painting, reading, exercise, hypnotherapy, talking therapies or any number of different modalities. The mind body connection is so important with this condition, helping yourself emotionally as well as physically is key. 

But you MUST take time to rest and look after yourself and find ways to rebalance, and to reduce the harm of any stress or trauma. And you may need to explore a few options to find those that suit you best.  For some it can be hard to prioritise your needs when you have family to look after, but it is vital to put YOU first so you can heal, so you can further help your loved ones.


Get Moving

We know all too well when your whole body is riddled with pain, and fatigue is taking over, that life itself can be incredibly difficult.  But if you can just find a way to get moving, somehow every day, we promise you it will help.  One excellent Harvard study documented significant improvements in women with Fibromyalgia who exercised regularly over a 20 week period.  Find the sort of movement  that suits you, it can be very gentle, and in small amounts.  

Even if you can only manage a little bit of walking each day, this is a fabulous start.  The principle of Kaizen is good to think about here, this is the idea of small but constant improvement. You can start with just 5 minutes a day, and build very gradually, each day just add a little bit more. Make it a habit, and your life can change.

We LOVE Tai Chi for all sorts of reasons, so deceivingly simple (but takes a lifetime to learn well), yet powerful, and the health benefits are well documented. When learning it is gentle enough for everybody, even the elderly.  Here is a beautiful Chi Gong video that can give you an idea how wonderful this sort of movement can be for mind and body.  All you need is 12 minutes a day and you might be surprised how much this will help you. Another favourite of ours here. There have even been some clinical studies that have proven it gives great relief to those with Fibromyalgia improving fatigue, pain levels, anxiety and tenderness. A closer look at Tai Chi and Fibromyalgia here. 

Yoga is also fabulous and we highly recommend it. The mind body connection of these very ancient forms of exercise are not to be underestimated. Even the best GPs will tell you Yoga and Tai Chai are often more effective than the drugs typically used.  

If weight is an issue, you need to resolve this to help your fibro.  We understand this may seem challenging at the point you are now. But you can heal your body and make changes. If you desire wellbeing, being slimmer can be one of the biggest steps you can take.  And the more you move, the better you will feel, and the more in control of your life and your health you will be.  It can be a very beautiful journey to take, try and embrace the process it as difficult as it may feel.


Trigger Point Massage

Wow those muscles can really hurt. Horrible tight bands, sometimes round the whole body.  All massage can be therapeutic, but do seek out trigger point massage if you can. Some areas you can do yourself, there are lots of videos on YouTube on this.  And there are some great little rollers and the like that you can use to free up all that tight tisssue.  It may be painful, but on the other side, some useful release. Worth exploring. 


B is Best

When it comes to Fibromyalgia, there are no miracle cures, but if we had to choose one single supplement, it would definitely be the Zell Oxygen.  Please do try it, many find this along with the vitamin D protocol, and physical movement can create significant change and improvements. Zell has been studied clinically with the overlapping condition Chronic Fatigue with excellent results.  And we have many Fibromyalgia customers that find this helps them tremendously.  B12 is often low in those with fibro, but the B complex is best as a family, and in a natural form.  So please do add the Zell, it can be a real life changer.   We have a 20% saving available on boxes of 15 or more specifically for those who need to take larger amounts of this supplement.  Here's a look at the best foods for the B Complex.



This is often a missed component, but can be a real issue for those with Fibromyalgia, all part and parcel of the hormonal / endocrine system.  So, we like to try Kelp.  This is a simple solution to nourish the thyroid and get all your vitamins and minerals, naturally and of course additive free.

Then if you feel hormone imbalance is an issue (perimenopausal or menopausal or difficult menstrual cycle) add the Wild Yam to balance and soothe the entire hormonal system. And there is a free food plan on that page you can try as well if you hormones are an issue for you.  



Kelp is also an excellent natural source of calcium and magnesium and the magnesium will definitely help you. 

Also add some magnesium oil on your muscles, and Celtic Salt which addresses this and helps soothe the adrenals which are always under pressure in Fibromyalgia. You can add some additional isolated magnesium if you wish, but dont overdo this, in nature, magnesium doesn't come on it's own.  If you do use it, magnesium malate is our preference for this condition.  And these isolated supplements always have additives - we've been additive free for ten years on our entire range



This will typically be an issue for most people with Fibromyalgia (but was once referred to as “fibrositis"), and that is despite the fact the blood tests for inflammatory markers may say it isn't, but in some cases there will be inflammatory cytokines present.  So we recommend you add Serrapeptase or Turmeric.  For someone with a sensitive system like yourself, choose one initally, not both teogether. Turmeric has useful additional benefits for the digestion and the mind, whilst the Serrapeptase has cardiovascalar benefits and seems to help with pain of all sorts, so choose the one that most suits.

Some with Fibromyalgia also have costochondritis, a very painful swelling of the ribs. Click the link for more on this. Interestingly, costochondritis is often radically improved with a vitamin D protocol. 


Fermented Foods

If there is one food you should definitely add it is naturally fermented foods.  They have such incredible healing power.  And the gut is very closely linked to this challenging condition.  Heal and soothe the digestion, and symptoms decrease.  And if you have any associated anxiety, probiotics can help this too. See the full Fermented Foods article, but in short - fermented veggies (learning to make your own can become part of your healing process in itself, such an amazing skill to learn let alone the health benefits), kefir, and do add our amazing Supergreen Probiotic - an incredible fermented probiotic with superfoods.


Check the gallbladder

If your pain is predominantly on the right hand side, especially your arm and neck, it might be the case that your gallbladder is an issue.  Take a look at Dr Eric Berg on this. Talk to your GP if this is the case.


Food Allergies

These are very common in those with fibromyalgia, so you may need to eliminate foods that irritate you. If you are unsure which these are, a food diary is a good way to start.  Google this for some guidelines on how to do this to be sure you are eliminating the right foods.


Eat Naturally

And finally, choose food that is natural.  Work out sensitivities if you have them, but otherwise, simply eat good quality real food.  Remember that sugar is inflammatory, and stay away from processed foods.  Enjoy lots of healthy fats to heal your system, do not go low fat if you have Fibromyalgia (or indeed any health issues!). There are lots of articles here on the site, we send free Eat Naturally articles with all orders, and we are always here to help you if you need any health or nutrition advice.

So these are the first steps we like to take for Fibromyalgia. Try this as a programme for 2 - 3 months, and if you have any questions, we are here to help and support you.  Some need additional steps (for example Olive Leaf if there is a viral element), but overwhelming your system too quickly does not help. 

A simple nutritional approach can yield amazing benefits, but stick with it consistently.  So to recap;

  • Check vitamin D levels
  • Meditate
  • Rest and recuperate
  • AND get moving gently
  • Take care of yourself
  • BELIEVE there is hope to heal
  • Eliminate ALL processed foods
  • Identify food allergies
  • Eat Naturally, always
  • Zell Oxygen - if budget is limited, this the most essential
  • Kelp (to nourish thyroid, and ensure a good nutrient base)
  • Serrapeptase OR Turmeric to help the inflammation
  • Fermented foods and Supergreen Probiotic to balance gut and soothe the system
  • Wild Yam IF there is an element of hormone imbalance


We are here for you if you need any help at all. You can talk to us by email, phone, the help desk or DM on social media, whatever suits you, but know that we are here to help

For over ten years we have been helping people feel better naturally! We provide lots of free health and support. And also pioneered additive free supplements here in the UK. We are passionate about health, and believe everyone has the right to enjoy the best health they can. 


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