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Medication in Motion - Why We Should All Be Doing Tai Chi

World Tai Chi Day is held annually on the last Saturday in April.

Of all the health days we see through the year, this one has widespread support, and there are huge numbers of events around the world. When you see hundreds of people going through a Tai Chi sequence together, it really is utterly beautiful.  And somehow you can just sense the health benefits can be profound. 

We absolutely LOVE Tai Chi.  This ancient form of exercise is so good for the mind and body.  It is deceivingly simple.  Easy enough to begin for everyone, whatever age, and even if frail or elderly.  But to do it well, this is something that you could dedicate a lifetime to learning, and still have more to discover. And for those who want to take it to high levels, it is incredibly physically demanding when done to competitive standards for example.

And the science on Tai Chi is very very exciting too. Many studies have proven the health benefits.  And the reports of the amazing improvements in the sense of well being are widespread. We know it improves mood, helps depresssion and stress, increases energy. flexibility and stamina, lowers blood pressure and reduces inflammation.

And for our seniors, it can dramatically improve balance and protect against falls. It is so wonderful to see Chinese seniors looking so fit and well and enjoying their Tai Chi practice together in groups. Isn't this something we would love to see here in the UK?

Tai chi might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice ...has value in treating or preventing many health problems.

The relaxation revolution has such profound benefits that health care costs would be reduced dramatically if more people took up this unique sport. 

For anxiety, Tai Chi can be life changing. And we say that with personal experience.  Severe anxiety is incredibly debilitating, and can ruin lives.  But there is something intrinsic to Tai Chi that magically seems to soothe certain pathways in the brain.  If anxiety is an issue for you, please, please explore this.  We will go into this a little bit deeper in a specific article as well. 


How to Start Tai Chi

There is no substitue for a qualified and authentic teacher.  And there are classes in most towns.  This is the best way to start to ensure your form is good.  Next up would be online videos or DVDS, and finally books, these are harder to follow. 

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