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Olive Oil Lowers Diabetes Risk

We already know olive oil is incredibly good for heart health, and we recommend you have a little every day. In the warmer months, this is so easy with those lovely spring and summer salads. But we also love it on cooked vegetables. 

An exciting new study released last week has shown excellent results for Diabetes too.

On a large meta analysis of other 30 other studies, researchers found that regular use of olive oil appears to lower the risk of contracting type 2 Diabetes. With some of these studies being carried out over 20 year time frames, and with a wide variety of ages, the evidence is pretty convincing.

Improvements in HbA1c and fasting plasma glucose were clear, and researchers comment;

“In light of other benefits, especially reported for extra virgin olive oil as an integral part of a Mediterranean diet, this vegetable oil represents a suitable component of a balanced diet”

Please buy the best quality Olive Oil you can, always Extra Virgin, the health properties are far better.  And avoid "mild" olive oil, these are quite heavily processed, and not as good for you. 


Why is it Good for You?

Olive Oil is good for you because of the monounsaturated fats.  More and more, we see Rapeseed touted as a healthier alternative.  This makes no sense, because this contains different sorts of fats. For the special monounsaturated you want Olive oil, nuts and avocados.  Rapeseed is a poor and ineffective alternative.


Diabetes Support

For those who have Diabetes, take a look at Cinnamon.

We also supply an additive free Olive Leaf Extract as well as having many benefits for the cardiovascular and immune system, many believe it plays a role in insulin sensitivity, so like the oil, the leaf extract can be valuable for diabetes. 

As always, any questions, we are here to help you.



Olive oil consumption associated with reduced type 2 diabetes risk

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