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Why Ghee is So Good For You

Butter is brilliant. So good for you, Healthy and slimming,  In contrast low fat is fattening.  There is corruption at the root of the reasons some will tell you butter is bad.

One issue with butter is that it burns easily at temperature.  And this is why Ghee is so good.


What is Ghee

This magical ingredient often thought of just as an Indian ingredient is simply clarified butter, you can find it in some shops, or you can also make it yourself. This is easier than you might think, and means you can use the best butter you can.  Here's a traditional Indian method recipe from Maunika Gowardhan an Indian chef in the UK.

The simmering process removes the milk solids, and leaves the fat and water.  This is why it is able to take a higher heat.  the taste is a little deeper, nutty almost.  It doesn't need to be refrigerated and will be ok for about three months, or even longer in the fridge. 


The Nutrition

This of course is similar to butter.  Packed with vitamins A, D and K, and rich in CLA.  And if you can get or make grass fed ghee, these properties are even higher.  And rich in fatty acids - even richer than butter of course because it is more condensed. So there are anti-inflammatory properties, and it's good for your immune system and slimming. And because it stimulates the production of gastic acid it's also good for the digestion.



Smoke points are key to consider for health.  When foods burn, they create carcinogenic compounds, and whilst a little bit of burnt on your roast potato can be lovely, in general, foods spoil when burned. Many oils that take a higher temperature are not good for health being highly processed and refined vegetable oils.  Some oils such as Hemp Oil shouldn't be heated at all to preserve the nutrition. 

Ghee will take a lot of temperature, you can fry eggs or even roast with it.  So for cooking, it really is a perfect oil, pretty much as good as coconut oil for high temperatures.


Dairy Intolerance

Ghee is usually well tolerated by those who find dairy tricky, so worth trying.  Interestingly raw dairy is usually better tolerated as well.

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