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National Tea Day

Recently we looked at the health benefits of coffee for National Coffee Week.

Isn't if funny how most people love either tea or coffee, but not normally both!


Types of Tea

There are four types of tea - green, black, white, and oolong.

By far, Green Tea is the best for you, and that's why we stock the amazing Matcha Tea which is even better again than just an ordinary Green Tea  with 137 times the antioxidants! 

Use the code TEADAY on 21st - 23rd April and save 15% on Matcha Tea.

But ordinary Green Tea is also good for you, and to be enjoyed.  We would recommend it over black tea.  The benefits are broader, and it helps keep you slim.

Even black tea has benefits . Much like coffee, we would recommend one or two cups a day is the maximum you want (green tea is definitely ok at two cups per day, black perhaps one). There is a lot of caffeine in tea, as there is in coffee and best not to overdo this.



The antioxidant levels are good, so offer free radical protection. 

Tea is thought to protect against UV light and radiation, although again, Green would be better. And like coffee also offers protective benefits against cancer, diabetes and Parkinsons.  very good reasons to enjoy a cup a day. 

A couple of thoughts to be mindful of though - don't drink it too hot, that's not good for your throat.  For more on the best temperatures for a perfect cuppa, see here.

And buy the best quality you can, ideally organic.  A cup of artisan, organic tea is more special than a cup of Tetley! And if just having a cup a day, it is something to savour.

And finally, never any artificial sweeteners, they are not good for your health.

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