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Malbec - the Healthiest Wine

If you enjoy a tipple, then red wine is definitely the healthiest option you can choose.

The health benefits of red wine are proven, and in moderation, all alcohol has protective effects on the heart and cardiovascular system especially.  Additionally, red wine in particular has anti cancer benefits.

Researchers are in wide agreement on a small amount of wine, and the French are healthier than us because of their sensible and moderate enjoyment of wine, cheese and butter. It's called the French Paradox - read more on this here.

Taking a closer look, it is the rich antioxidants in wine that offer the benefits. Antioxidants protect long term health because they fight free radical damage and the break down of cells as we age.  The class of antioxidants found in wine are polyphenols. Some researchers believe these antioxidants are more effective and powerful in the body than for example vitamin C.

Famously wine is very rich in the powerful antioxidant Resveratol. This has the power to regenerate cells and reduce the risk of heart diesease. It's even found in isolated supplements.  But wine in moderation is a more natural way to get the benefits! And of course without the additives found in these sorts of supplements.  (our range is 100% additive free). 



Interestingly, Malbec has a much higher concentration of these healthy antioxidants than other varieties. The other wine notably high is from a Tannat grape.

The difference is significant - Malbec will typically have twice the antioxidant content of a cabernet sauvignon and four times a merlot.

Also of note, there tends to be less sulphites in wines from Argentina where Malbec comes from due to the unique weather conditions.  Buy organic for even better quality again.

As with all things, too much is never a good thing, so moderation is key here. But a glass a day, or a few days a week of red is a VERY good thing for your mind and body.

Enjoy with food, and you get broader benefits as it will help your digestion.

So, make it a Malbec, and enjoy!

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