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Chocolate Eggs? Make it Dark!

 Easter. Chocolate season.

Actually, we like it every day - but only ever dark chocolate.  85%, organic, and none of that soya (check the label) just pure, dark, delicious chocolate.  Two, maybe three little squares is SO good for you every day.

And if you do fancy a special egg for Easter for the family, why not make it dark chocolate.  Then you know there are health benefits to go with the fun. But check those labels for the best you can get.  We've found so far just the one 85% dark egg with no soya, The handmade Chococo  is expensive at £18, but a pure dark soya free egg at least! The other option is an artisan raw cacao egg, there are more of these around these days.  Let us know if you find some better ones? 

Dark chocolate has a lot of benefits - it's good for the circulation and protects the arteries.  One incredible Finnish study found it reduced stroke risk by 17%, and with nearly 40,000 participants, not a small study.  Another British study found it lowered heart disease risk.  It's a bitter food and these have specific benefits including lowering the appetite - dark chocolate is naturally more filling than milk chocolate.  All very impressive reasons to enjoy a little bit of chocolate!

And enjoying those couple of squares certainly helps to satisfy the sweet tooth that many of us have.  And far better to have a little bit of sweetness now and again than to feel we are missing out.  And chocolate just makes you feel better.  Some research has found it lowers stress.  Many people instinctively feel it is a comfort food, the facts back this up.  Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), this is an endorphin. Feeling happy is good for your mind and body, so go ahead, and enjoy a little bit of chocolate, not too much, but a little. Make it the best quality you can, and make it count.  HAPPY EASTER!



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