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Perimenopause. Really? It seems unfair?

Menopause. A word we think is not meant for us during most of our lives.  It's years away. That's for older women.  It's not my time for hot flushes, tena ladies, or any other delights that await me.

That is until your body starts doing very very strange things in your early 40s.  So strange we might even start imagining bizarre things. Those tingles and numb feelings must mean I'm having a stroke. The headaches sometimes go on for days and are frightening.  The bouts of fatigue are surely serious.  Mixing up words.  Feeling hyper aware of your speech.  And if you're prone to anxiety like me, then these odd occurrences pose an even greater threat to your peace of mind. 

And the sneezing. Really.  How ridiculous.  out of nowhere, strange allergic reactions.  The worst was a Christmas Tree. It went in the garden quick sharp, the sneezing stopped.  This now settled (if you could call it that) to sometimes severe sneezing the day or two before my period. Occasionally at ovulation. Again. How ridiculous, what cruel trick is this my body has come to play on me?  It's a heightened sensitivity, but sure does feel like an allergy to hormones!

So time to head to the GP. The blood tests are in.  And there's that word.


Sorry, run that by me again? You surely have that wrong.  I'm in decade 4 of my life adventure, not 5, or even 6. And there's the suggestion of progesterone for the next 10 - 15 years. Thank you, but I will pass.

Perimenopause can go on for years.   The revelation that for some of us at least, there's a section that comes before menopause is frankly horrifying.  And it can start much earlier than you think. If you started your period very early, then like me, perimenopausal symptoms may come to taunt you.

To be a warrior woman in the modern world is a beautiful thing. Yes we are proud to be women. Yes, we accept that menstruation is part of our very being.  We learn to live with the inconvenience.  Yes we know that menopause will come. 

But this in-between phase seems, frankly, well unfair? Aren't we supposed to be in our prime in our 40s? Enjoying the fruits of life. The new found confidence of finally understanding who we are? To enjoy our friends and family and children (if we have them, which I don't, and I have often wondered if this is relevant), with more openness and understanding.

Perimenopause makes us ask questions. to explore our Femininity in a different way.  To face questions about aging (too soon, too soon). It is a pain.  And the range of symptoms really are enormous.  As they are for full blown menopause too. But knowing what it is definitely helps, and there are things that help.

As young women, our periods posed many challenges.  In our 40s, the pain of perimenopause gives us time to change.  To be even stronger warrior women, to improve our health and lifestyles.  And by talking to other women about this phase, perhaps we can make it easier for all of us. 

Does it mean our *actual menopause will be easier. Possibly, but there is not much data on this.  We would love to hear from you on this issue if you have personal experience.  We will add your comments confidentially to an informal study on this to help other women.

As, women and the founders at Seventh Wave, we share your pain, and are here to support you.  That's why we designed the FREE FOOD PLAN to flush out that estrogen that causing the strangeness.  We promise this WILL help.  And we also promise you the wonderful WILD YAM supplement can be life changing.  For me, if I dont take this regularly, things can get worse, pretty quickly.

If you sometimes feel like you are going a bit mad with odd things happening in your body, ask your GP to check your hormone levels.  But please don't rush into early HRT, there ARE things you can do, naturally.  If you need support, or someone to talk to, give us a call, pop us an email or open the help desk.  We understand. Really we do.

This is a subject and study we are going to dedicate more time to.  So please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we develop this.  We were bright young things ten years ago when we launched Seventh Wave.  Now we are mid 40s women on a mission. Come join us!


Company Director x

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