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Vitamin K - Naturally

Here we are at the final in the A - K series and how to get each vitamin, naturally.

Sometimes referred to as "The Forgotten Vitamin" - K is the least talked about and understood of the vitamins.  But it is SO important!  And intriguingly, the least well known vitamin, is the most common deficiency. In fact, most people are low in K.

Crucial for blood clotting, bone health, brain function, healthy teeth and a healthy cardiovascular system.  It also protects against certain diseases including pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimers and even cancer. So as you can see, absolutely essential.


Foods for Vitamin K

This brings us to one of our most favourite subjects, fermented foods. These are absolutely fantastic for vitamin K (and so much more besides). These foods are not really part of the modern western diet, but they really should be.  We have an in depth article here - The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods. Natto is the food richest in vitamin k, this is a fermented soya. Read more about why you should ONLY eat Fermented not ordinary soya

You will get a little vitamin K from those lovely leafy greens we are always talking about, but it's tricky to get enough from them, as lovely as they are.  And that's why even very healthy people can be low in Vitamin K. One other food worth highlighting is prunes, but there is a limit to how many of these anyone wants to eat in a week!

Greens give you the K1 form, and fermented foods K2, so slight differences.  But the fermented foods should be your focus, so start finding ways to get them in your diet. Hopefully we have done our work properly and you are already getting lots of leafy greens!  And season everything well, because some lovely spices are good for vitamin K including parsley, basil, sage, oregano and black pepper. 


How to Make Your Own Vitamin K

Much of the K in your body is created by you! It's manufactured in the gut... so if your gut flora is out of balance, your stores can deplete.  And with digestive issues being so common, this is another reason K deficiency is common.

A simple natural solution for you is the simply amazing Supergreen Probiotic.  This not only gives you fermented superfoods with probiotics, and hence lots of K2, but also helps your body to make more of it's own Vitamin K. Such a clever and super supplement.  Expect an improved digestion in general, and it will do wonders for your immune system too.  Some report a lovely side effect - Supergreen Probiotic helps with weight around the middle. 

As a note, please do avoid synthetic Vitamin K3.

If you need any help with this, or anything else, please do give us a wave!

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