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Tea Temperatures

For the best tea, the temperature must be just right.

This is especially true of the health giving teas - Matcha and green tea. They are both fabulously healthy, enjoy a cup or two a day.  Matcha has much more antioxidant power though. 

Boiling is only best for a very British tea drinker!

Matcha is so different to even green tea, the taste is mellow and very special, boiling water will make it bitter.

To get it just right, put some cold water in first, then the boiling water, unless it is the black tea.

Whisk as you pour for Matcha Tea.

  • 70c for white and Matcha tea
  • 80c for green tea
  • 90c for oolong tea
  • Boiling for black tea


Thanks to our specialist Matcha supplier for the information.


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