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Talc is Cheap. Get it Out of Supplements!


Talcum powder (magnesium silicate hydroxide) is the softest mineral known to man.

But do you want it in your supplements? Or skin care? We say not...

In 2016 Johnson & Johnson paid £51m to the family of Jackie Fox. She very sadly passed from ovarian cancer, and had used the product for years. Another 1,200 cases are waiting to be heard. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers talcum powder “possibly carcinogenic” for external use on personal areas.

And an ability to create an inflammatory response has been documented.

Talc is one of over 300 additives commonly used in health supplements for free flow and bulking.  Talc is cheap, and that's why they use it.

There's no evidence of risk of talcum powder in health supplements, but with proven risks for long term external use, surely internal is also best avoided?  Companies will argue it is harmless, and the amounts are certainly small.  However, as you can see yourself, this is perhaps one of the most questionable of all the additives.

Additives are about profits and efficiency.  But when you take a health supplement, shouldn't all of the ingredients be ... healthy? 

Additive Free Naturally has been our ethos for 12 years now. We're so proud to bring to you totally natural, additive free health supplements.  You can view our range here.



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