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Stearates in Your Supplements?

Additive Free - Naturally!

12 years later, our message to you is still the same.


The Additive Issue

Your health is important. Why would you want potentially toxic additives in your HEALTH supplements. When you stop and think about, it doesn't make sense does it?

Magnesium stearate is everywhere.  Just one of over 300 EU approved additives you may find in your supplements (and in processed foods).  Vegetable stearate, stearic acid, or fetchingly, vegetable lubricant are the same thing.  The relevant E numbers are E470b and E570.

Many argue it is completely safe.  Many however feel very strongly it is not.  But just because many people say it is true, does not make it so!  But there are many questions, a number of negative studies, adverse reports and contamination issues.

Are we biased? Of course! But we think given the choice, a supplement without stearate makes sense, and that's why our entire range is entirely stearate and additive free.

However, there isn't always a choice, and in cases where a need for a synthetic, cheaper supplement exists (and sometimes they are, our range is limited to natural only), and it contains stearate, don't worry, it is a relatively safe substance. In the short term, your body is capable of dealing with it.

But make no mistake, stearate is there for profit and convenience reasons, not because it has any benefit.  Some companies are reducing their use of it, and if we have a legacy to leave, then we hope we may be doing our bit to change the industry for the better. There ARE healthy alternatives, we say why not use them. 


Is It Natural?

Absolutely not.  It is ludicrous to suggest that magnesium stearate is natural.  It's a highly refined and proccessed substance. Is this an issue? That depends... some of us prefer NATURAL as a lifestyle choice.  Eating real food, choosing organic where possible, and the best healing foods and supplements we can put in our body. Others don't care, and that's fine by us, diversity in life is a beautiful thing.

But the very basics of the issue - it's a highly processed vegetable oil, and we all know this is not a good thing! So safe - perhaps, healthy - well that's another matter entirely.

But if you want a supplement that is totally natural, and additive free, and lots of FREE health advice and support, then the team is here to help you, always.  And we are proud to be Additive Free, Naturally!

You can explore our range starting here, but any questions, give us a wave!

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Give Us a Wave!

Any questions, please give us a wave!

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