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Mohhamed Ali and Bee Pollen

Mohammed Ali, even for those of who don't love the sport of Boxing, was a true sporting legend.  More than that, just an icon in life really, and his grace and tenacity in his later years with his health issues was inspirational.

Bee Pollen was something he used during his training years, as did other athletes of the time.

Quoting from Bee Pollen by Dr. Kurt Dansbach


"Many American athletes and Olympic stars depend on honeybee pollen. Muhammed Ali, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, popped down the pellets during all the years he was actively defending his title. Steve Riddick, U.S. Gold Medalist in the 1976 Olympics, drank the bee pollen in milkshakes and vegetable juice"


Perhaps Bee Pollen was his inspiration for "Float like a butterly, sting like a bee" -  either way it certainly packs a punch nutritionally!

Still today, atheletes and sports people are big fans of Bee Pollen.  It's a natural whole food, packed with protein. And interestingly is packed with quercetin which is generally considered great for performance.  And this is a much better way to get it than a sugar laden sports drink! The British Sports Council have tested it with great results.

Pollen is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals. So much so, one researcher even famously said you could live quite healthily on just Bee Pollen and water! We wouldn't recommend this, you need fats, protein and carbohydrates for excellent health.  But still, it is a lovely way to improve and support health and wellbeing.


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