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Anxiety Eased with Mindfulness Meditation

Anxiety affects millions of people, and can have a serious impact on health. It's something that MANY ask us for help with, so we have lots of free support, see articles below. 

Meditation has a long history of use (documented as far back as the 4th century).  But no longer is it just for Buddhists!  This is a practice that the modern world needs more than ever, especially for anxiety. But for everyone, it is a practice we can all improve our life and health with.


Strong study

Whilst we know how powerful and effective it is, and anecdotal records of people transforming their lives is vast.  Real studies are fairly low on the ground.

So a recent study by the Georgetown University Medical Centre is very exciting as the evidence is compelling. It's a small study of just 89 people, but carried out well.

All participants were suffering Generalised Anxiety Disorder. At the start, their levels of inflammation and stress hormones were measured.   Over a two month period, half of them went to a stress management course.  Half followed a mindfulness course. So in effect, this is similar to a double blind trial, with both expecting good results in an objective sense.


Amazing Results

The meditation group had amazing results - ALL biomarkers dropped dramatically.

Interestingly, the stress management group had an increase in stress markers! But researchers believe the test itself caused an elevated stress level, i.e., they were less able to cope with the stress of the repeat tests. 

We are also so excited to hear that this same research group want to test mindfulness against drugs, really amazing news.

So, if you suffer anxiety, it is clear that mindfulness meditation is something worth exploring.  There are so many resources and apps available, many of them free, so this is something you can enjoy without even spending money.  Or just a few pounds on an app is an investment well worth making. Just find a style that suits you.

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  • Reference

    Mindfulness Meditation Training Lowers Biomarkers of Stress Response in Anxiety Disorder. Karen Teber. Georgetown University Medical Center

For inflammation, please see the natural plant enzyme Serrapeptase

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