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Winter Virus Help

There are lots of stubborn viruses, colds and flu this winter.  December and January are peak times, the lack of sunshine and vitamin D is key. As is the stress and strain of Christmas for many people. Here's some help to get you through it as quickly as possible.

Try to stay positive, this will help you heal. And most importantly, get into the habit of not touching your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands. This is how viruses usually transmit, simply not touching your face will reduce your risk significantly. And wash your hands frequently, especially when you have been in public places.  

** Seek medical attention if someone is seriously unwell, especially in the elderly, or young, or those with compromised systems, or if someone becomes delirious in severe cases as this can represent serious dehydration.  But in most cases, staying home and not transmitting to others is sensible.  Good hand hygiene is key to not spreading the virus.  Most self limiting conditions will clear in 2-7 days. If in doubt ring your surgery for advice, especially for those who need extra care. This article does not constitute medical advice.



This is absolutely vital.  You need to up your water intake.  Deydration is common with viruses.  And if there is any vomiting especially, then it becomes critical to hydrate properly.  Add comforting herbal teas such as lemon and ginger, which will also support your liver.  If you have nausea, the ginger will really help this.  And chamomile will help you relax.    Avoid cold or very hot water, warm is best, in small regular amounts.  A small amount of Celtic Salt in water will help electrolyte balance, especially if there has been dehydration. 



It is vital to take time out initially and give your body the best chance it can to heal.  Get warm and comfortable.  The more you try and fight off a virus and carry on as normal, the worse it can be. Rest can reduce severity and duration, it is essential for healing.    Stress very often precedes a virus taking hold, and will certainly prolong it, so the message is, your body definitely needs to rest now.  The more sleep you can get, the better, it will lower cortisol and help you defeat the virus. You MUST look after yourself.


Minimise Sugar

Sugar will not help you heal. It reduces the ability of cells to resist a virus.  And affects nutrient uptake. So although it is common to give people sweet treats when poorly, it really doesn't help.   A small amount of fruit is ok, but try to focus more on dark green leafy vegetables. 



If you have a stomach virus, you will need to keep to bland foods for a few days.  Dry toast is often the easiest to manage when your appetite is gone and your stomach queasy. 

Eat as much fermented food with good bacteria in as you can.  So live yoghurts, kefir, pickled vegetables, kimchi, sauerkraut etc.  Green leafy vegetables will pack in those vital vitamins and minerals.  Whilst vitamin C is very valuable, you will get more C in the green veggies than you will fruits which are of course still high sugar, even though it's still natural sugar!  But if you are very poorly, certainly some orange juice can feel soothing and restorative, so do include this if you wish.  

Fresh garlic and ginger are fantastic, or use supplements if not to your taste - we supply additive free, whole herb Garlic and Ginger.  And a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar if there is some in the cupboard (which there always should be, but do make sure it is the unpasteurised "mother" type). Fresh oily fish is fantastic if you can face it and the omega oils will help.


Steam Inhalations

For blocked noses, and especially if a virus hits a chest, these are so useful, 3 or 4 times a day.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL with boiling water / assist those that are infirm or very unwell.  Fill a large bowl, and create a tent with a towel over your head, and spend around 5 minutes breathing deeply to let the healing heat clear your airways.   One of these before bed may help you get to sleep with more ease.  Hot baths and showers are also beneficial, but don't get too hot in the bath, it is easier to do short steam inhalations if you are very poorly.


Night time coughs

When we lie flat, mucous accumulates, and this is why coughs are more severe at night.  Although lots of pillows are not good for your neck and back, if you sleep more propped up, this will help matters.  There are many cough remedies, and there may be a place for these, again, especially for the elderly. But suppressing a cough can actually worsen matters sometimes.  So try and balance your needs here - your body needs to expel that mucous for a reason!  Use extra pillows and cushions and create a comfortable upright position to reduce the coughing cycle naturally.


Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle on your chest if you have a cough is naturally soothing, or to your tummy if you have the cramps of stomach flu.  It will help to relax muscles and you! Take one to bed with you too for the comfort if nothing else.


Paracetomol for Fever

If there is a temperature, good old paracetomol is the most effective way to bring this down. Do check for precautions where necessary. 



Viruses will pass on their own.  But some can be very stubborn and nutritional support becomes vital.  Adding some supplements in early stages can definitely make a difference. 

Definitely add the amazing Olive Leaf which is a first choice when it comes to viruses, and especially if you have any type of virus you are struggling to get rid of.  It's so good for the immune system, and has many other broad benefits as well, gentle but effective, one of nature's true healers. Just like the Olive Oil, and olives themselves, the leaves have so many wonderful healing properties. 

Good levels of calcium in the system protect against viruses replicating.  If you do succumb, at the very first onset, you want to get calcium, omega oils and trace minerals into your system as soon as you can.  This can help speed the healing process up and help to deactivate the virus in your system. So it's food first - pack in the fresh fish and veggies as much as you can manage. And / or do it the Seventh Wave way, naturally... it's Kelp OR Barley Juice for the calcium and trace minerals, plus Fish Oil, OR Hemp Oil if vegetarian. 

Fresh garlic is so powerful, add lots of chopped fresh garlic to your meals; don't underestimate how powerful this is. Or we supply a pure dried whole herb garlic.  We also supply pure ginger in vegecaps.

Vitamin D in the form of Fermented Cod Liver Oil  gives you vitamin D in a totally natural form which is vital for your immune system.  Crucially this naturally also contains vitamin K which is vital for the D to work properly. At this time of year, most people are very lacking and is a major reason we see so much more illness in the winter.  This WON'T act in the short term on a virus, but will build you in the longer term and you may have picked up the flu due to being low on vitamin D in the first place; for more on this see Vitamin D Naturally

Vitamin C is valuable, and there are some studies showing that is can reduce virus time. We prefer the more direct action Olive, Garlic and Ginger alongisde food and calcium intervention.  But if you want to add some supplemental Vitamin C, you can certainly do so; we have the totally natural vitamin C the Acerola Cherry; you can double amounts of this when poorly if required. 

Finally, if your budget stretches, something always worth having on the shelf is a tub of Zeolite.  An expensive supplement to buy as it comes in a three month supply (used as a cleansing protocol).  But at any onset of a cold or virus, it is very very useful to trap a virus.  As it is not food based, and therefore the benefits are not as broad as the other supplements highlighted, again not our first choice, but a very valuable supplement to have on the shelf and very powerful.  


Looking Ahead

It will pass, and you will be better soon.  When you are feeling better, you need to look at ways to improve your immune system.  Viruses in general can't even take hold when your body is strong and protected.  Improve your diet and lifestyle. Minimise stress.  Enjoy real food, get rid of processed ones.  Get slim if you need to.  Life will be so much better for these changes, and you will be far less likely to come down with colds, flu and other viruses.  We can help with all of these issues, let us know if you need any support. 

Add supplements like the Olive Leaf, and also the Zell Oxygen which are fantastic for rebuilding and restoring.  And make sure you get baseline all around nutrition with EITHER Chlorella, Barley Grass or Kelp.

We really hope you are feeling better soon, any questions, please do let us know.

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