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Organic Officially Better

In 12 years of trading, we've been slapped across the wrists by the authrities several times for saying organic is better.  

There was a time we could ONLY makes claims tied very closely to the agreed statements detailed here but the science and evidence is growing and growing. Let's face it, most of us in our hearts know without doubt that organic is a good choice (budget and availability allowing).  However evidence is fantastic of course!

This year, we have seen a number of strong trials for organic. In recent weeks we covered..

More vitamin D in free range organic eggs

Grass Fed Cows Better Nutrition


New Report

And with what many are calling a christmas present for organic in 2016, a new report is even clearer on the health benefits of organic.  It's a very large and credible report by the European Parliament.  You will find the link below.

But here are some key facts, organic food was linked with

  • Lower obesity
  • Less allergies in children
  • Less exposure to pesticides
  • Better levels of key nutritional elements


So where possible do buy organic in 2017. We know this isn't always easy or practical. But choose carefully, especially meat and dairy.   With evidence growing, let's hope greater investment will be made in organic making it  affordable for more people, more of the time. 

For reference, most of our range is certified organic, but not labelled as such, read more on this here



Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture

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