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More Vitamin D in Free Range Organic Eggs

Vitamin D is vital.  And plays a role in so many processess.

The immune system, mental health and the joints are massively influenced by adequate vitamin D. And it protects against cancer and heart disease for example.

The sunshine vitamin is much harder to get enough of in winter months.  And deficiencies are VERY common here in the UK.  For years we've have had problems with rickets in children.  And fortified cereals are NOT the answer here!

Diet comes first, but only certain foods provide vitamin D - oily fish and liver is the best, but many people don't want to, or just can't eat them!

Eggs are next on this list.  So good for you, for many reasons.  But key is the vitamin D,


30% More in Organic and Free Range

We always recommend organic and free range meat and dairy for nutritional and welfare reasons.  And a new study has found a massive 30% more vitmain D in free range organic chickens.  The happier way of living and better nutrition clearly has a big impact.

Published in the Journal of Food Chemistry, the evidence is clear, buy free range and organic for the health benefits, and the welfare standards.


  • Barn egg - 1.7mcg of vitamin D
  • Free range egg - 2mcg of vitamin D
  • Organic egg - 2.2mcg of vitamin D


It's time we said goodbye to intensive animal farming. Firstly for the animals, but also the health of the nation.


Need More Vitamin D?

If you need further vitamin D, the best supplement source, giving you all the many different types of vitamin D and the metabolites is the Fermented Cod Liver Oil. So much more effective than cheap synthetic supplements.   And in winter months, pretty much everyone could use a little extra.


What About Vegans?

Vitamin D is a challenge if you don't eat fish or eggs.  And very difficult to get enough in plant form.  Food wise, mushrooms are the best source of vitamin D.

For a vegan diet, it is imperative to get outside every day, with arms uncovered, even in the winter if you can! Chlorella gives some plant based Vitamin D, but may not be enough. 

But this is where a synthetic supplement may be needed for some people. There are some vegan vitamin D's available, but they are synthetic.  However this is a compromise that is worth it for D in the winter.  If you are tired, and low energy, and have unresolved pain issues (especially in women), then supplemental D may well resolve this.

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